Uber booking has been removed from Google Maps on Android.

Microsoft buys Flipgrid.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium expand to 12 more countries.

Get your kid an iPal.

A Terabyte in Your Pocket

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to feature 512G of storage!

New Motorola patent for folding plastic.

Man tries to hijack web domain at gunpoint.

The Xbox One, Google Assistant and Alexa Three Way

Instagram won’t send alerts now if you screenshot stories.

Xbox One might integrate with Google Assistant and Alexa soon.

Google is trying to make Pixelbooks run Windows.

Dr. Pimple Popper gets a TV Show.

Neil’s Backyard

Twitter to personalize news notifications.

Microsoft will unveil HoloLens 2 this year.

Ring’s home security system launches next month.

Plex users can now browse live TV with a traditional grid-style guide.

Woman sues NASA for possession of Moon Dust.

Sniffing Out USB Sticks

Microsoft pulls support agents for unsupported products in forums.

Net neutrality regulations have officially expired in the USA.

Amazon’s Alexa is the preferred voice assistant.

Police departments are training dogs to sniff out thumb drives.

Apple’s WWDC – Wery Wery Decent Ceynote

Yeah I know its a crap pneumonic but apart from a few dissenters in the chatroom the overwhelming feeling was that the WWDC Keynote was well worth it and had some cool opportunities for the future in there.

Predictions for Apple’s WWDC Conference

Interesting to post this after the thing has already happened but fear not we’ll be back on track on Friday

Tripping Over Cords At Visa

Is macOS 10.14 getting a dark mode?

Apple approves first Telegram update since April.

Visa’s European network went down on Sunday.

Google Android tablet web page is back!

Bell End Up and Jaw Forwards

This week we are Dual posting the shows as another issue has arisen for Mac Show tomorrow. Back in the studio in the next couple of weeks thanks to Telestream’s kind ongoing support.

Bell End Up and Jaw Forwards

This week we are Dual posting the shows as another issue has arisen for Mac Show tomorrow. Back in the studio in the next couple of weeks thanks to Telestream’s kind ongoing support.

The Social Tax

Today’s teens like YouTube better now.

Apple, Microsoft, and USB-IF team up to standardize braille displays.

Microsoft killing off Groove Music for iOS and Android.

Uganda passes tax law for social media users.

The BendGate Mystery

Reddit now the 3rd most visited site.

Plex adds podcasts and personalization to the home screen.

Project Fi now supports more phones.

Did Apple lie about bendgate?

Uncle Buck

Pandora unveils a $15mo family plan.

Microsoft To-Do List Sharing is coming soon.

London launches contactless payments for street performers.

Mac Show Aftershow

Yeah Patrice! Will has to eat humble pie at the end of the for suggesting something a bit inappropriate

Apple’s ‘Whats a computer’ is uncomfortably close to the truth

Ewen’s son’s friends show him that the Whats a Computer Line on the Apple ads is here and now and that we are all old dinosaurs.

Twitchin’ With Doctor Who

The Vivo Apex set for June release.

iPhone users who paid for battery replacements last year to get partial refund.

Two-factor authentication for Facebook no longer requires phone number.

Twitch and BBC to stream 500 classic episodes of Doctor Who!

Zuckerberg Sweating Bullets

Alexa will be preloaded on Acer’s new laptops.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to the EU via a livestream.

Royal Wedding Crap now on eBay.

Have No Fear, Parliament Is Here!

UK to introduce internet safety laws.

AT&T has launched a programmable LTE button.

A new cheaper HomePod is coming?

Hippo Poop

Get ready for ads in Facebook Stories.

Google Chrome will remove the secure indicator from HTTPS sites.

Alexa can now learn your voice.

Hippo poop is killing fish!

Keep The Bottle Of Aspirin Nearby

Apple has fully replenished stock for top case assemblies on Mid 2012 and Early 2013 15-inch MacBook Pros.

Google Wifi will soon tell you how each device on the network is performing.

YouTube’s streaming music service is launching May 22.

Is there no money left at Tidal?

From Hero to ZTE Zero

Yes the Chinese Trump ban means that ZTE are seeing the writing on the wall and shutting up shop. All this and the other tech stories of the weeks from the usual suspects