Get The Hell Off My Lawn!

Google acquires HTC’s Pixel talent.

Google admits it was showing ads on YouTube Red.

New smart doorbell from Nest.

Manchester police still use Windows XP!!

Murderous Sex Robots from Planet Jeff

Yes you read that right. Apparently in the throws of passion with your future sexbots, its highly likely that they will have a Skynet side and kill you in the process. At least you’ll get off before you get offed

The Apple Keynote Review

The usual suspects and Mike T Rose all get together to appraise the efforts of Apple at Tuesdays Keynote.

Perverts In China

Spotify and Waze integration comes to iOS.

32-Bit Apps Won’t Launch After Installing iOS 11.

MIT combines several vaccines into one.

Sex doll sharing service has been banned in China.

Thanks, But No Thanks

California’s internet privacy bill is dead.

Chinese Tencent tried to buy Spotify.

iPhone 8 will have better battery life than iPhone X.

The Pirate Bay uses visitor CPUs to mine virtual coins.

Apple Keynote Part 2 – One Fugly Phone

Yes the gorgeous form factor of the iPhone 8 is revealed and the fugliness of the iPhone X bear down upon you like a Dickensian Nightmare

Apple Keynote Part 1 – Angela’s Relaxed Cervix

Yes I can see this title getting us thrown off iTunes but hey, she said it. The Keynote rolls into town with all the cool stuff you’d expect and a bit more. One gorgeous phone and one ugly phone.

Robot Maestro

More privacy settings changes in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Facebook is testing its standalone video chat app.

Apple has raised the price of high-end iPad Pro models by $50

A robot conductor led a live orchestra.

Lots Of Swiping

All the news highlights from the Apple iPhone X Keynote

No Go Bro

Xiaomi unveiled new products that will rival the MacBook Pro and iPhone X.

EE is upgrading its 4G network.

The next Fire TV may double as an Echo speaker?

Drones won’t deliver weed in California.

Drive Is Dead!

Google is officially shutting down Google Drive.

iPhone 8 firmware reveals animated emoji, Face ID, and new AirPods.

YouTube speed choices have come to mobile.

Spotify kills Safari support.

Apple & Adapters!

Facebook offering music industry millions.

Alexa coming to wearable devices soon?

YouTube Live gets ultra-low latency option.

Beats keeps using cables that aren’t supported by Apple.

Murdoch Money

Leaked Apple warranty guide shows what it will and won’t repair.

The Apple Music Festival has ended.

RIAA shuts down YouTube-mp3.org.

Galaxy Note 8 and Xperia XZ1 get support for Netflix HDR.

Facebook wanted to stream Indian cricket matches.

Mom’s Porn Site

Ahh its good to be back. Jeff, Rich, Wrighty & Camps join Ewen for a jaunt through the BIG tech stories of the week.

I’m gonna need that on a Jazz Drive

Brett Terpstra joins us this week for a canter through all the Apple News of the week…and some other stuff.

Welcome To The Real World

Millions of Time Warner Cable customers data exposed.

Activate Siri with the sleep/wake button in the upcoming iPhone?

Alexa can brief you whats happing in today’s music.

Outlook.com beta open for all now.

Smile for your KFC meal in China.

The Smell Of S**T

Google Assistant will take a screenshot.

SanDisk has stuck 400GB into a microSD!

Facebook’s new video hub is coming soon to the USA.

Nasty smells to wake you up every morning.

Holy Whopper!

Sonos will unveil a voice-controlled smart speaker.

Echo devices now support multi-room audio.

YouTube’s desktop has got a redesign.

Google pulls 300 Android apps used for DDoS attacks.

Start saving those WhopperCoins.

It’s Raining Fitbit

Apple will announce the next iPhone on September 12?

Fitbit launches fitness smartwatch.

Facebook will block ads from Pages that spread fake news.

Domino’s Pizza and Ford teaming up for self-driving pizza delivery cars.

Crashplan – Backing up on Backing up

Autonomous Cars, Cloud Backups and Sonic T Hedgehog makes a welcome return. All the BIG tech stories from the summer with the usual crew.

Apple, 4 Red Balls and 9 Knobs

We return from the summer recess and get straight into getting ready for an Apple Keynote on 12th September and look forward to all the goodies we can expect to hit the high street…or not.