Spotify To Electrify

Spotify building its own hardware?

Sling TV’s cloud DVR now works on Apple TV.

Amazon trying out a Subscription store.

Most Brits don’t know what ransomware is.

Alf and E.T.

Twitch taking on YouTube.

Neil Young is back with Xstream!

Uber tried to fool Apple.

You can help find Aliens.

Down The Classic Road Again

Uber to pay £2 million to operate in London?

Google Home now supports multi-users.

Facebook has got some new 360 cameras.

Nintendo could be making another mini classic game console.

Android, Paypal and Captain Planet

Android Pay and PayPal join forces.

Go live on YouTube if you have 1,000 subscribers now.

Bloomberg gives more details on next iPhone.

Put filters on your genitalia with PornHub’s Trickpics app.

Don’t Piss Off Putin

UK drivers will have to prove they can use a sat nav.

Apple Authorized Service Providers might replace a broken fourth-generation iPad with an iPad Air 2?

Google won’t preload its apps in Russia.

Internet Archive now has a Macintosh collection!

All Things Microsoft

Microsoft says it already patched ‘Shadow Brokers’ NSA leaks.

Only a few Windows phones will get the latest Creators update.

Bing says The Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Finals.

Claws in my Crotch (despite new Mac Pros)

Yep, despite there being new Mac Pros to discuss and some real news we spend more time talking about cats sinking claws into nether regions. Tom Merritt, Don McAllister, Chuck Joiner & Steve Sande discuss all the new stuff from Apple…and The Road Map!

Like a Side Car on a Harley

Wrighty, Jeff and Muller give us the BIG Stories of the Tech week and Hoya finally unveil Yuniku!


Duo’s voice calls are now available worldwide.

Comcast might launch an NBC streaming TV service?

Facebook teaching media how to use Facebook.

McDonald’s is now accepting Snapchats job applications!?

On And Off Memories

City of London to get free 1Gbps wifi!

Windows 10 can set up a PC using your voice now.

iPhone 8 to launch in October or November?

Mice brains can store backup copies of memories.

Hacking your vapourware brain

The team discuss the BIG stories of the week in tech

Apple Spring Cleaning

The usual suspects come together to debate the distinct lack of Apple News thats out there

We’ll Be Waiting Phil

Spotify Premium subscribers will get albums two weeks before free users.

Apple says “sorry” about lack of Mac Pro’s upgrades.

Tesla on the verge of becoming the largest automaker in the US!

The Foldscope, a microscope that costs $20!

Time To Kniterate

Internet browsing on Android overtakes Windows.

Apple releases iOS 10.3.1.

Offline content for Netflix comes to Windows 10 PCs.

Print out a sweater with Kniterate.

The Pope Hacker

Apple might offer HBO, Showtime, and Starz app bundle.

New York Post mobile app compromised.

Look for BlackBerry’s name on more products soon.

Crayola has retired it’s dandelion crayon color.

Break For The Future

Samsung launches the Galaxy S8

Twitter removes @replies from 140-character limit.

ESPN wants to be more like Netflix?

I Smell Bulls**t

US Congress passed resolution rolling back FCC’s privacy rules.

Cord-cutters get ready for Xfinity Instant TV.

Amazon ready to deliver groceries to your trunk.

Turn your pet’s fur into a watch band.

BTN Assemble

It’s another BIG/MAC Show!

What is the week in tech when you have heroes to help you out. Super! That’s what! Wrighty and the team discuss the week including the new goodies from Apple and how not to charge your iPhone.

BTN Assemble

What is the week in tech when you have heroes to help you out. Super! That’s what! Wrighty and the team discuss the week including the new goodies from Apple and how not to charge your iPhone.

The Full Frontal Side

Samsung ready to launch refurbished Galaxy Note7s.

Uber’s self-driving cars back on the road.

iOS 10.3, tvOS, watchOS and MacOS Sierra updates roll out.

Watch Star Wars on Pornhub!??

Another Death Of Brick And Mortar

Samsung finally ready to kill all remaining Galaxy Note7s.

Uber suspendeds self-driving car testing.

Digital game downloads cause 150 GameStop stores to close.

Make $5 from FedEx by installing Flash?