Squealy McSquealerface

Sande returns with his bleeping bleep and we talk all the Mac News of the week and look forward to WWDC

Undeclared Wanking

Packed house tonight as we trawl through all the ins and outs of the Week in Tech.

The Tory’s are going to tax your porn, Fitness trackers are ALL shite & Elon Musk wants an Electric Semi plus a lot more

Private Trash Talkin’

Microsoft introduced the new Surface Pro.

Facebook to offer private chat for live events.

Snapchat introduces custom Stories.

A Robot cop begins patrolling the streets of Dubai.

Matchy Matchy, Money Money

Nike announces new Apple Watch bands with matching running shoes.

Use Alexa to control Dish Hopper DVRs.

Seems Apple doesn’t always deleted notes older than 30 days??

Radio signals protecting Earth from space radiation?

Casey Loves…well you’ll have to listen to find out

A BIG Show that leaves no stone unturned. Everything comes in for some stick. WCRY Worm, Netflix blocking rooted devices and much more

Siri…Now ignoring you in 3 different languages

Yes we try a proud boast that Siri is actually language intelligent and I’m well aware that maybe there is a switch I need to throw but it doesnt work. All the Weeks Apple news (before a keynote) from the usual suspects

Bye Bye, MP3

iPad Mini is being phased out?

Facebook will stream Major League Baseball games.

Instagram adds augmented reality face filters.

Google is redesigning its emojis’s

The MP3 is dead!

I can bleeping edit

The Mac Crew are joined by an annoying bleeping and despite desperately trying to isolate it before and during the show it continues regardless. Technical Production values of the HIGHEST order

All the Apple Tech News of the week from Steve Sande, Adam Christianson & Patrice Brendamour

Dad slapping Mum on the arse

Very full house for tonights cruise through all the Tech news of the week. The NHS Cyber attack, Microsoft, Amazon Echo Show, The Chumby…yes even The Chumby, Electric Sleds, Elon Musk & even an AI assistant for coppers. All of the BIG stories from a week in tech

Waiting For The Guinea Pigs

NHS Trusts ignored patch that would’ve averted malware.

Google Assistant coming to iOS soon?

Asus killing its ZenWatch line.

Apple Releases iOS 10.3.2

Get ready for flying cars in time for the 2020 Olympics.

We Just WannaCry

Global cyberattack affecting over 200,000 victims.

Get ready for a new iPad and more at WWDC.

Fiat Chrysler issue massive truck recall.

Netflix is blocking rooted Android phones.

Blowing Out The Cobwebs

iTunes and Linux is coming to Microsoft’s app store.

Introducing Windows Story Remix.

Windows 10 gets a UI refresh.

BBC requiring a password for iPlayer soon.

Twitch will stream an 18-day Mister Rogers marathon!

Boxers or Briefs

Yes the Pinch returns with 5 mins about how you dress your tackle.

Don’t Print This At Home

Amazon officially unveils the Echo Show.

Apple employees testing the ‘Siri speaker’ inside their homes?

Wanna buy Pandora?

3D print plastic braces for $60!

Anticlimactic Experience

Microsoft reveals Invoke.

HandBrake for Mac server compromised.

YouTube and Warner extend their streaming music deal.

The FBI paid $900,000 to unlock San Bernardino iPhone.

Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten

The Pinch returns after nearly a year off with a classic discussion on food and the crap that we’ve put in our mouths…that we can discuss in public.

The best thing since lapdances

Finger Print reading guns, Microsoft’s answer to chromebooks with Windows 10 S and Youtube goes for original content.

Its all the stock markets fault for Apple

Apple release their results and Tim blames rumours of the iPhone 8 for the trouble with 7. Doc then goes into overdrive

Copyright Holders Doing Cartwheels

Facebook TV coming in June?

Microsoft patents technology to block pirate material from cloud storage.

Android Pay might use your face to authenticate for loyalty programs.

39 years ago the first Spam was sent.

Point Your Mom To Porn

Google beefs up security in Android Gmail.

Google Chrome will automatically upgrade to 64-bit.

Qualcomm is trying to stop Apple from selling the iPhones.

Snapchat to start rolling out on-demand TV shows.

Pornhub wants to gift your mom on Mothers Day.

My God…Apple ‘News’!

We talk about the Apple iPhone 8 rumours despite the fact that Doc hates them and also try to understand how on earth Germany fought a war during May. Sorry for the delay in posting