Apple is Feeling Guilty

Snap lays off two dozen employees.

Spotify will revamped it’s podcasts and more.

Apple to give option to disable performance throttling.

Facebook and YouTube are removing ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ videos.

Googly Gadgets

HomePod supplier Inventec has begun shipping.

Google launches Cloud AutoML.

Facebook Messenger chief admits app is cluttered.

Chromecast might be killing your Wi-Fi?

Apple’s Axis of Evil…according to the FBI

We searched…honestly, there just wasn’t much in the way of positive news for Apple this week. But the FBI Calling them ‘Evil’ was just a touch too far.

There’s an “App” for “That”

OnePlus site was reportedly hacked!

Microsoft shutting down free Windows 10 upgrade today.

Toyota getting CarPlay.

Contraceptive app causing unwanted pregnancies?

Mined in Canada

Facebook wants to shrink!?

Canada is courting bitcoin miners.

There is a new Raspberry Pi Zero.

Have fun with Google’s Arts and Culture app.

Live from CES… Almost

Wrighty, Gazmaz and Ewen get together for the first BIG Show of 2018 where they put the world to rights. PLUS! Our roving reporter Jeff Gamet dials in live from the show floor at CES in Las Vegas to show us some very interesting innovations indeed.

$16k Laundry!

HMRC tells Apple to pay up.

Introducing the KodakCoin.

Goodbye to ‘Pok√©mon Go’ on older iPhones.

Pay only $16,000 to fold your laundry!

It’s Sniffy Time

Apple has released security updates for iOS, MacOS

Intel will patch all recent chips by the end of the month

Nokia has it’s Sleep Time.

Smell products while you shop with Sniffy Market.

Autonomous Trains

Glasgow subway trains will have no staff on board.

New Android malware now imitates parts of Uber’s app.

AT&T brining “true” 5G this year to the USA.

Have a robot from LG carry your crap.

The Christmas Mac Show

Packed Panel comprising of Adam, Doc, Will, Ellis, Muller & Patrice go back through the Mac News of the Year

The BIG Show Christmas Quiz

The Normal Crew are joined by Carey, Ellis, Muller & Will for the quiz to end all BTN Quizzes.

Crap For Christmas

The 2017 BTN News Christmas Special.

Inflatable Jesus

Facebook will introduce ads as videos start playing in 2018.

Samsung smart speaker coming in early 2018?

Google and Amazon in talks to keep YouTube on Fire TV.

Crap For Christmas: Inflatable Jesus

The Crap Theme

Apple now lets you preorder apps!

T-Mobile launching a TV service in 2018.

Uber accidentally charged a customer more than $14,000!!

Crap For Christmas: Unisex Crap Christmas Present Funny Apron

Santa’s Diary Skills need some work

Oh come on Santa its not hard!

Santa VS Jesus

Google Maps will soon track your commute and show notifications.

Apple wants to buy Shazam.

Twitter blames bug for banning some accounts.

Crap For Christmas: Santa VS Jesus

Apple confirm that Tim listens to BTN

Yes you heard it here first…BTN Speaks and Apple responds. All the Apple news and a bit more with the great panel that is BTN

Star Wars Sex Toys…Wookie Nookie

Yes we satisfy Jeffs desire for the ultimate Christmas Present. Goggle and Amazon start a handbagging session over content, UK MPs share their passwords as well as their porn, Elon thinks a car is good payload for a Mars Orbiter & Smart Cases come in for a kicking with the American Airlines

Unicorn Poo

Instagram separating Direct messages into its own app?

Oreo for Android Wear out today.

Uber reportedly paid someone to keep silent about security breach.

Crap For Christmas: Unicorn Glitter Poo

Santa Throwing Up On Himself

Amazon Prime Video comes to Apple TV.

Lytro shuts down its multi-focus photo sharing platform.

IKEA and Sonos are collaborating.

Crap For Christmas: SSLR Men’s Christmas Santa Claus Party Casual Hawaiian Aloha Tropical Shirt

Reading Toshiba’s Mind

Google launches Android Oreo GO

Toshiba unveils 10TB hard disk drive!

Import your Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger.

Crap For Christmas: Crap Christmas Present Men’s Burgundy Socks