The Apple Battery Replacement Bandwagon

13-inch MacBook Pro battery replacement program is a go.

After a year, Samsung Pay works with PayPal Wallet.

Amazon getting into home shopping TV?

Rosie the Alexa robot?

That Peak Has Peaked

Morgan Stanley predicting weaker iPhone sales.

No Headphone jack on next iPhone SE?

Microsoft working on a dark theme for File Explorer?

A robot that can put your Ikea crap together.

P Will Cure The Problem

Android P will remember your Bluetooth headphone volume settings.

Facebook now needs to ask your permission to use your data.

Snapchat launches more ads.

Edible polymer gel made with caffeine is now a thing.

That’s A lot Of Money!

Apple to launch news subscription service.

Apple cutting production of HomePod.

Sprint and Google Voice integration is ending on June 1st.

Amazon has over 100 million Prime subscribers!

Bumble Doesn’t Feel Safe

Custom watch faces coming to Apple Watch?

Spotify will reveal lots of things next week.

Bumble will allow users to log in without Facebook now.

Instagram is back on Windows Phone.

The PR Crap

Google accidentally reveals Android P has iPhone X-like gestures.

Apple will repair “some” Apple Watch 2 models.

Over 3,300 Android apps improperly tracking kids.

Some Android phones only pretend to install security updates

HD Vinyl

Apple warning Mac users 32-bit apps will stop working soon.

Nobody is buying the HomePod.

Facebook Messenger issues a privacy review reminder to its users.

Get your ears ready for HD Vinyl!

Siri Is Full Of Jokes

Gmail will get a redesign soon.

Screen replacement may trigger sensor failure on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

Microsoft delays roll out of Windows 10 version 1803.

Spotify is planning to make its free version better soon.

Siri can tell more jokes now.

Bob The Trendsetter

Facebook starts notifying users if their data was improperly obtained.

Uber acquires bike-share startup Jump.

Triple-Lens iPhone coming next year?

Lots of Bots on Twitter.

Apple’s ‘What’s a Computer Campaign’

Martin Kelly joins us from The London Mac User Group and Will Green’s Son Marwood gives a perfect Sponsors read for UK2

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Fleetwood Mac Is Back

Mac Pro redesign is coming in 2019!

Dropbox Smart Sync is finally available to all business users.

Microsoft brings OneDrive File Restore to users.

Fleetwood Mac back on Billboard charts thanks to a tweet.

The 2nd Big Bang

“Touchless” gestures coming to future iPhones?

Amazon’s Fire 7 and HD 8 tablets now have hands-free Alexa.

BlackBerry accuses Snapchat of infringing its messaging patents.

The next Big Bang might just kill us all.

Where The Hell Is Waldo?

Google to launch a cheaper Pixel phone?

Donate to charity by asking Amazon’s Alexa.

Facebook promises to delete unpublished videos.

Google Maps is adding Where’s Waldo…for a week.

Does It Fart?

Apple is hiring to improve Siri.

Uber is shutting down its UberRush.

URL shortening service goo.gl is going away.

Does It Fart? This book will tell you.

The Apple Education Event and what it wont include…maybe

Yeah Despite not being ont he show this week, the best predictions for The Apple Education Event come from Jeff Gamet on this week’s BiG Show. But it doesnt stop us adding our own ill-informed opinions

We love the Analytics and downloading your brain is 100% fatal

Some great stories again this week and despite talking about the Cambridge Analytica scandal nad finally a startup has found a way of preserving your neurons and killing you at the same time

Those Apple Rumors

Apple launching a video service around March 2019??

Facebook’s switch to prioritizing local news is a go everywhere now.

The FTC confirms it’s investigating Facebook

Google starts blocking its apps on uncertified Android devices.

Chrome OS on a tablet!

Grab A Grab

Facebook has been collecting call history and SMS data!

Uber selling Southeast Asia business to Grab.

Microsoft Launcher gets a new beta update.

China’s space station is about to fall from the sky!

The Crappy Middle Seat

Send money now by asking Google Assistant.

Instagram is putting new posts first again.

Korea Telecom to launch “True” 5G.

Where do you sit on an airplane?

You Didn’t Hear It From Me

AMD admits to new batch of critical processor flaws.

Get ready for more ads when listening to music on YouTube.

Audible returns to Sonos speakers.

The tiny IBM.

Panda Pee

Amazon launches competitive gaming service GameOn.

Facebook is rolling out Patreon-style subscriptions.

Apple still planning to release the iPhone X in Blush Gold color?

HTC opens preorders for Vive Pro.

Pandas can neutralize cyanide!