When an iPhone X helps find out who your friends are

Yeah after all the ‘I’m not buying one’ lines I’ve heard from everyone sure enough one of them turns tail and hands over the money to Apple

Dictatorial Decision

No HomePod for Christmas 🙁

Germany bans smartwatches for kids.

Windows 8 onwards incorrectly implements ASLR security feature.

NASA launches new weather satellite.





ASLR Correct Code:

create a .reg file with the following text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\kernel]


Import this file into the Registry Editor and everything should be sorted.

Google’s Screw Up

Get ready for icons to tackle fake news.

YouTube flagged a Google Chromebook ad as spam!

Use an AirPods case as an iPhone stand?

Airplanes are vulnerable to hacking, DHS Says.

Alexa, Eh

Alexa and Prime Music arrive in Canada.

Malware goes global with every nation affected now.

iPad Pro models released in 2018 will feature octa-core processors?

New UK Visa card lets you spend Bitcoin.

Lovense sex toy app recorded users.

3D Flossing

Is a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus in 2018???

Android will let you monitor which apps use the most battery life soon.

Spotify wants to sell you makeup.

Philips TVs comming with Roku built-in.

Floss all your teeth in seconds!

The Watch From 1984

iPhone 8 production to drop 50-60 percent?

Face ID has been cracked.

Pixel 2 XL has even more screen issues.

A watch that runs on your power!

Hulu & Mario

Google’s Files Go is now available in beta.

Facebook Marketplace can help you find a new place to rent now.

Hulu coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Upload content older than 24 hours to Instagram Stories.

Self-driving bus crashes in first hour on the job.

No Apple C Key…what a ock!

Yes James repaired Macbook Pro has C Key issues, Will Green has a strop and wont share James’ line ;P iPhone X is delivered…but not to Adam during the show, Doc has his faith in the USPS (and it pays off after the show), Chucks iPhone goes to his office while he’s at home talking to us and All the Apple news of the week is discussed. WHAT A SHOW!

Another Tech Death

Messenger’s money transfer now in the UK.

Apple working on an AR headset??

Say goodbye to the Logitech Harmony Link.

Aluminum foil actually does improve wifi!

Sticking It To Twitter

NHS will offer GP appointments via video call.

iPhone X is ‘Most Breakable iPhone Ever’?

Fake WhatsApp was downloaded over 1 million times!

The 35,000 character Tweet!

Talk About Deja Vu

Some iPhone X owners are having carrier activation issues.

Messenger will let all businesses send sponsored messages soon.

Netflix reopens Android beta program.

BT Openreach van effigy set ablaze!

iPhone X Release Day and the Death Penalty wanted by Trump for Twitter Removal

iPhone x is delivered/collected but all things are pointing to limited availability and LOOOOONNNNNNGGGG Queues at shop full of frustrated People and Trump wants the death penalty for the person who deleted his account.

HUGE Thanks to Will Green (@BritishMac) for filling in for Kyle this week. He’s done a great job

Thriller Night

Wrighty is joined by a fiendishly fab panel to talk the week in tech.

Will explains 1440p…honest

Yes Will Green takes us through the finer points of Screen ratios, gaming, music equipment and Tim’s Views on Fake News and the Russians. Greenie is totally becoming Mr BBC!

Fixing the burger

Greenie is back and reporting on Google’s most pressing project. Fixing that burger emoji.

When you don’t get your Apple iPhone X but do get 12 Inches

We have fun with the crew on all things Mac. Greenie’s tour of Europe commences, Doc’s tour of Japan’s Pantry comes to an end, Adam is…touring and cant come on and James needs a sicknote

How to Beat the Security at Heathrow Airport

Greenie dissects the Tech News of the day again for us and Facebook takes a panning as does the muppet who left all the security information for Heathrow Airport on a thumb drive including all the security arrangements for The Queen. The bloke who found it and took it the press and not the police should also hang his head in shame.

Greenie Does News!

Yes you heard us right. The Legend that is Will Green has stepped in valiantly to host The News Show for some of this week while Kyle is away in LA with The NBA. Its a truly unique experience and right up there with ‘Where were you when JFK was shot’. One off the bucket list for sure.


How Much Does Stupidity Cost?

eBay launches computer vision search.

Instagram adds ‘Superzoom’ to Stories.

Spotify canceling current slate of original TV shows?

Let Amazon into your home.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Microsoft kills production of the Kinect.

Apple denies lowering accuracy of iPhone X facial recognition.

Uber’s new credit card.

Essentially Dead On Arrival

Apple and Samsung are headed back to court

Google investigating issues with the Pixel 2 XL’s screen.

TiVo’s Bolt Vox and Mini Vox show up online.

Essential Phone gets a $200 price cut.