Ihnatko finally settles his contractual issues with BTN

Yes, making a very welcome return to the BTN Roster is Andy Ihnatko to discuss the Weeks Apple News with Adam, Doc, Patrice, James and Chuck L.

All the Mac and Apple News

The Red Wine is just WRONG!

Yes, Greenie brings a story that we need to pixellate…there’s a first and then there are the REST of the weeks tech stories

Same Sh*t, Different Day

Google is tracking you, even when you tell them not to.

Apple delays FaceTime group chats.

Pixel XL loses fast charging?

Solar-powered aircraft stays in the air for 25 days!

The Free Babies!

Will Amazon have to drop next-day delivery claim in UK?

Players are being allocated more gamerscore than possible.

Microsoft has updated Skype Preview for Android app.

Skip ads in Australia on Spotify.

Buzzing In The Bag

The Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is unvailed.

Discord to start selling games.

More embarrassing issues at Apple.

Sex Toys incite Panic at Berlin Airport.

Patrice Leaves…Apple Pay Comes

Yes, they waited and waited until Patrice had left Germany for good and then they go and announce Apple Pay for Germany…Typical All the Apple News of the week

Edit Reddit

Yeah Reddit gets scammed and done and we have ALL the big tech stories of the week. Sorry for the late posting…forgot I hadnt done it

$765 Per Hour Of Fun

The iPhone doesn’t listen to your conversations, says Apple.

Facebook launches AR games for Messenger.

Pandora is working on a podcast version of its Music Genome Project.

Mixed reality headset Magic Leap One is now available for order.

5 Minutes Of Narcissism

Facebook is redesigning pages

MoviePass will limit users to just three movies a month!

The AirSelfie2 flying camera drone is out!

Make It So

TSMC shut down it’s factories after a virus attack.

An outage at Arlo knocks security cameras offline for hours.

The return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Welcome To The Party

Apple is killing off its app affiliate program.

Global tablet sales decline….again.

Movies Anywhere is coming to Microsoft Movies and TV

Teens want to look like Snapchat filters!!

The Plumber Man

Correction: The next iPad Pro will have no notch!

Plex adds offline podcast playback.

Vizio is launching a free streaming service.

The Classic NES was best selling console in June.

Who sent us that anonymous review?

Yes James pulls a blinding question with our entry in to oohreview.com/britishtechnetwork yet we actually find out!

All the Mac and Apple News of the week with the usual team

Thanks for Unbreakable Graphene Condoms Bill Gates

Yes Bill’s lasting legacy to the world could be the effect of an unbreakable condoms from Graphene. Super Life Batteries, Fake news on Facebook and Elon is in the shit

Why Youtube!?

Logitech is acquiring Blue Microphones.

Youtube website now supports vertical videos.

The Pixel 3 XL has a deeper notch.

No more big movies from MoviePass.

The Price We Pay For Laziness

Next iPad Pro models are eliminating the headphone jack.

Microsoft Maps get another update.

Wifi sprinklers.

Sniffing A Lawsuit

Here comes Alexa Cast!

Is a new Echo Dot arriving soon?

Spotify now has 83 million paying subscribers.

Who Put The Bomp In The Bop Shebop?

Facebook is pushed out of China…. again.

Get ready for new Netflix profile icons.

Apple to delay launch of its 6.1-inch LCD iPhone?

Siri has answered 78.5% of questions correctly in latest test.

Microsoft IoT Core Services and Swing Yer Pants with Trev & Simon

Yes a return to the 90s is never problem for this show but ยข30 per month per device for IoT Manufacturers seems a bit steep


UK to bring fiber broadband to every home by 2033!

48-megapixel camera sensor coming in 2019 smartphones.

Russia sending robots to space next year?

Zuckercom 1

Apple is hosting a HomePod live event July 25.

Snap is shutting down Snapcash.

Facebook is developing an internet satellite.

Jupiter the Moon hog!