Alexa, Open The Pod bay Doors

Google rebrands Android Wear as Wear OS.

Google testing video ads in the Play Store.

Spotify is testing in-app voice search?

Casio revives game-playing calculator from the 80’s.

A HAL 9000 Replica that uses Amazon Alexa.

Remembering Stephen Hawking

A Facebook daily news video section coming soon?

YouTube now has a “Dark Mode” for mobile apps.

Microsoft Teams is getting Cortana integration and message translation.

Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking.

Apple AR shows you Tutankhamun’s Oesophagus

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Tim Cook Is Bored

Apple is buying Texture.

The UK might be getting a MoviePass clone??

Amazon now lets you place calls through Alexa-enabled tablets.

Can’t see? Try NanoDrops!


Facebook now has music licensing deals with all three major labels.

Google Assistant now gives you even more control.

Microsoft is selling customized Samsung Galaxy S9 phones.

Why 555 is used for phone numbers on TV?

Time Keeps On Slippin, Slippin, Slippin

Twitter CEO wants to open up verification.

McAfee acquires TunnelBear.

Alexa can now play a song you heard but can’t remember.

Clocks are running slow across Europe.

Alexa Has Become Aware

Google has released the first Android P preview.

Google brings voice calling to Home speakers in the UK.

Sonos speakers might stream Audible audiobooks again soon?

Alexa is laughing at you!

Apple’s $800 Headphones

Spotify cracks down on free users stealing Premium service.

Netflix will now let parents set PIN protection.

Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Outlook for iOS.

Apple making premium over-ear, noise-canceling headphones?

Some Newegg customers are getting hit with tax bills for past purchases!

The Year Of The Notch

Mindgeek reveals its age verification tool for porn sites.

Android P developer preview coming in mid-March?

Apple might release a cheaper MacBook Air.

iPhone X notches are everywhere!

One Giant Leap For WiFi

Spotify is going public.

Amazon’s Prime Music streaming service comes to India.

BlackBerry will remove paid apps from the BlackBerry World April 1.

4G Wifi on the Moon.

Focussed on Products and People…honest

Tim doesnt care about Wall Street and we debate the point along with a lot of other stuff from the Apple News. Thanks for saying something to debate Tim Cook

In Defence of Ms Jenner

Oh it all gets heated and misunderstood but we sort it out in the end.

Amazons Smarthome

Amazon acquires smart doorbell maker Ring.

Twitter is rolling out Bookmarks for tweets.

Hangouts Chat avaiable now.

AT&T is against internet fast lanes……kind of.

Dolce & Drones

No 4K HDR recording for Galaxy S9?

Samsung has got a Smart Speaker coming soon.

Is an iPhone X Plus coming?

Apple will store some iCloud encryption keys in China!

Dolce & Gabbana used drones to show off handbags.

Inside The Apple Walls

Dropbox is going public.

Android P won’t get a ‘dark mode.

1Password now lets you see if your password has been leaked.

Apple rings 911 1,600 times!

Get Down, Get Funky

Water-resistant AirPods coming soon?

Net neutrality changes start on April 23rd.

Intel bringing 5G to laptops in 2019.

Anchor is now a podcast creation app.

The Sauna Jacket

New iPads coming soon?

Apple buying up cobalt.

Twitter cracking down on simultaneous actions across multiple accounts.

Messenger adds an easy way to start group calls now.

Tell Alexa to heat up your jacket.

Holy Wi-Fi

Europe threatens Facebook with more fines.

UK government using church spires to improve internet connectivity.

Windows Phone 7 and 8.0 devices are basicly worthless now.

AI algorithm predicts heart disease by looking at your eyes.

Who do you want to own your tweets?

Yes the age old issue of who owns a tweet and the copyright on the content of that tweet rears its head again along with plenty of other issues

Electronic skin

Twitter kills its Mac app.

SpaceX delays its satellite internet launch.

How about some Electronic skin?

Apple’s Winter Olympic Ring Maker

Yes Apple honours the Winter Olympics by getting its new Speaker to leave marks in waxes and polishes on your furniture. The fans immediately leap to its defence by pointing out that Sonos did the same.