Hippo Poop

Get ready for ads in Facebook Stories.

Google Chrome will remove the secure indicator from HTTPS sites.

Alexa can now learn your voice.

Hippo poop is killing fish!

Keep The Bottle Of Aspirin Nearby

Apple has fully replenished stock for top case assemblies on Mid 2012 and Early 2013 15-inch MacBook Pros.

Google Wifi will soon tell you how each device on the network is performing.

YouTube’s streaming music service is launching May 22.

Is there no money left at Tidal?

From Hero to ZTE Zero

Yes the Chinese Trump ban means that ZTE are seeing the writing on the wall and shutting up shop. All this and the other tech stories of the weeks from the usual suspects

Warrne Buffett Loves Apple and Anacott Steel

Warren takes a shine to Apple Stock and we look forward to the new iPhone (because Ewen can upgrade this September)

NES Scalpers

HP has got an all-in-one PC with Alexa built in coming soon.

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller has BIG buttons!

Uber will now let you rate your driver during your trip.

NES Classic is coming back!

More Debt

First 5G phones could arrive in 2018 says Qualcomm.

Apple to launch a credit card with Goldman Sachs.

Google Home Max will get an update to fix audio latency issues.

Instagram now has emoji sliders.

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

Apple removing apps that share location data with third parties.

Firefox 60 arrives.

Google’s AI now sounds like a human!

Emmerdata Farm

No idea what happened this week but it was a continuous fun fest throughout. We had a whale of a time. Hope you do too.


Yes we pay homage to one of the greatest stuttering lines from a Hollywood movie, somehow discuss that if Jurassic Park dinosaurs had got a bit more jiggy jiggy it would have added something to the movie and Will Green swears to walk in the footsteps of E L James…or Mills and Boon anyway and write and erotic novel…and not a single Jeff Gamet in sight

Gotta Opt In

New Windows 10 app mirrors your phone’s features to your PC.

Nintendo confirms NES launch titles for Switch online service.

WhatsApp now lets you play Facebook and Instagram videos.

Fitbit now has female health tracking.

Why am I not surprised that Jeff Blows Horn

Yes The Gamet is a keen trumpet player and Ewen’s trumpeting skills are still crap.

Sorry for the delay in posting but April was a tough month

iOS Leakage

iOS 13 features leak?

Google will re-launch 2nd Generation Chromecast with Bluetooth support.

A company is creating a product that can see through solid objects.

Nikola vs. Tesla

Twitter advising all users to change passwords.

Google getting into the social gaming business.

The iPad is selling a little better.

Xiaomi is coming to the UK!

Nikola Motors is suing Tesla.

The Dating Game

Facebook’s new dating service.

Cambridge Analytica is shutting down.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update is causing lots of problems.

Google starts enticing Google Assistant startups.

Biohacker Aaron Traywick found dead.

The iWall

Sprint and T-Mobile have announced that they will merge.

Microsoft to release major Windows 10 update today.

Apple killing it’s router bussiness.

Control your home with your SmartWall.

Passing The Time

Alexa will soon be smarter and more natural.

Snapchat’s Spectacles 2 are here.

Mozilla launches Hubs.

Make Mp3’s sound like cassettes.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook…Ah!

Yes we have a look at the facebook issues before the US Senators and whether Zuck emerged with Muck on his face. Sorry its late but matters have overtaken here a little

Windows is Going Lean

Google launches Tasks app for iOS and Android.

Microsoft plans version of Windows 10 for devices with limited storage.

Amazon unveils new Echo Dot Kids Edition.

Casio is done making compact cameras?

The Apple Battery Replacement Bandwagon

13-inch MacBook Pro battery replacement program is a go.

After a year, Samsung Pay works with PayPal Wallet.

Amazon getting into home shopping TV?

Rosie the Alexa robot?

That Peak Has Peaked

Morgan Stanley predicting weaker iPhone sales.

No Headphone jack on next iPhone SE?

Microsoft working on a dark theme for File Explorer?

A robot that can put your Ikea crap together.

P Will Cure The Problem

Android P will remember your Bluetooth headphone volume settings.

Facebook now needs to ask your permission to use your data.

Snapchat launches more ads.

Edible polymer gel made with caffeine is now a thing.