Edge Is King

True Tone Technology now on some LG displays.

Adobe working on Photoshop for iPad?

Microsoft Edge on top in browser phishing test.

Let Alexa choose your wine.

New Macbook Pros, New Specs and New Prices from Apple

We have the venerable Jeff Gamet joining us this week and we browse through the new Macbook Pros

Samsung’s Ford Pinto

We have new BTNer with us this evening, Atley Hunter and he’s off and running to a great start. Hes also going to be doing a Microsoft Show for us and picking up The Pocket Show as well!

Carey Holzman, Muller, Atley & the welcome return of Streak after too long away. Great show

Style or Tunes

Apple has updated its 13-inch and 15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pros.

Firefox Focus can now lock/unlock tabs with Face ID.

Chrome is now using more RAM.

The earrings headphones.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Mozilla unvails Lockbox password manager app for iOS.

Get ready for the new notched Nokia 5.1 Plus.

Facebook is bringing us augmented reality ads.

Teen gets knotted USB cable stuck in his penis!

Foxconn to Make an iPhone…No Grit Sherlock

Stunning lack of any real news this week but as its the Pre Bash show we have plenty of guests and a pile of incisive debate on the subject of Apple…at least thats how I remember it.

Moaning Baby Boomers and Grumpy Bob do Tech

Yes we end up having a semantic debate about who is a Baby Boomer and who isnt and how they are the cause of the worlds problems and loads of other thing…oh and some tech as well

21 Million Bad

Timehop has suffered a big data breach!

Microsoft teases new Surface coming soon.

Apple releases iOS 11.4.1.

Google AI has come to Dish Hopper.

Moon Prime

MoviePass will refund users affected by outage.

HIV vaccine looking more promising.

Amazon shipping to the Moon?

Tim Cook’s Colors Dream

Blue, orange, and gold iPhones are coming.

Amazon Prime to offer ‘free’ TV streaming in the UK??

Facebook to broadcast live Premier League games in Asia.

Have a GIF on Tinder

Apple Headphone Adapter market is BOOMING!

Yes its the 19th Best Seller at Best Buy (Chromecast is the top selling)

All the Apple news (what there is of it) and more with the usual suspects

The PR Spin

Google doesn’t dispute claims third-party developers read your Gmail!

Netflix might charge you even more for 4K video.

Intel 9th Gen Core i3 and i5 Processors are in the works.

Sony uploads entire movie to YouTube.


Surface Phone reportedly cancelled.

The mess of Android Messages.

Nvidia will unveil its next generation of graphics cards next month?

Comcast’s Infinity Mobile is helping you reduce your video watching.

Back To Kindergarten

Facebook shared user data with over 50 tech companies.

OneNote on Windows 10 gets real time translation.

Your washing your hands wrong, says US Gov.

Is your Mac Hardware in a bit of a state?

We look at how long since the various product lines were updated with Apple and how much we’d want more than we already have

Before Teri Hatcher Became Desperate

Amazon’s new Show Mode dock.

Apple might bundle TV, music and news in one subscription?

DC’s streaming service is coming this August.

A new Facebook patent turns on your phones mic.

Grease Between The Stars

The Galaxy Note 9 will be unvailed in early August.

Block spoliers with new Facebook feature.

Get ready for Instagram lite.

Slack is back after and outage yesterday.

There is Grease in space.

Sorry Boys and Girls

High-end headphones coming in 2019 from Apple?

Microsoft is testing AdBlock Plus on the Edge mobile.

Google Earth now lets you measure distance.

Google Classroom update makes it harder to cheat.

The Death Star Rice

Don’t ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone says Apple.

Security researcher finds a way to bypasses iPhone’s limit on passcode.

WhatsApp has a fix for Windows Phone users.

Meet the world’s tiniest ‘computer’.

Exterminators At Apple

Apple’s AirPower charger now coming in September.

Continued conversation has arrived for Google Home users.

AT&T launches new WatchTV streaming service.

Get malware with better battery life??

Old Macdonald Had An Ad

Instagram unvails IGTV.

Microsoft News App launches on Android and iOS.

Get ready for autoplay video ads inside Messenger for good.

Amsterdam Airport now has a Bitcoin ATM!