Blame The Third Party People

Hackers threatening to wipe iPhones!

Faster updates are coming for all Android phones in 2017.

Firefox for Linux is now Netflix compatible!!

Harvard researchers devlope cheap sperm test.

Flying Bobby

Apple announced a load of new products yesterday.

Some Three customers are seeing other people’s information.

Instagram now lets you save live videos.

Cornwall Police to become the first in the UK with 24-hour drone assistance.

I Miss XP

Samsung unveils Bixby.

Windows 10 will force updates over metered connections now.

Google Maps on Android can now save where you parked.

Liquid batteries will cool your processor in the future.


Chance the Rapper says Apple paid him $500,000 for exclusive access.

Super Mario Run is coming to Android March 23.

New button from Netflix lets you skip your show’s intro.

Infrared light could deliver 40GB WiFi?

Expectations of Privacy

Dale’s future wife throws away the $4k ring he bought her, The dude with the drone who knocked out a woman gets jail time and when can someone expect you NOT to take a picture of them

Jeff’s Mankini

Ian Lewis dives by BTN Prime HQ to join us in time for The BIG Show and we pull apart a good few tech companies in the process.

Admiring Doc’s Wood

The News is a bit light around Apple this week so Doc drops out some wood for us to ogle

Apple and The Uber Pigeon

Sorry for the late posting of the show but life and work got in the way. All the fun of the Apple News in one easy place

The Sonic Cyber Attacks

Less than a month Microsoft will put Windows Vista to sleep.

Google Assistant is not coming to any tablets.

Netflix to offer HDR support and mobile-specific video cuts soon.

Spotify may block free users from listening to new releases?

Hackers can use sound waves to hack smartphones and more.

The Hypocrite

Gmail on Android now does money transfers.

Facebook bans devs from creating surveillance tools.

Control your Spotify music in Waze on Android.

Google and Levi’s connected smart jacket is coming!

No Premium Whistles

Google’s DeepMind is in talks with the UK National Grid.

Criminal activity found on Three Mobile upgrade system.

Pandora’s on-demand music service has arrived.

Americans are having less sex because of technology.

Clicking Humans

The CAPTCHA is dead!

Microsoft updates Cortana for iOS.

No more humans in self-driving cars in California.

3D print a house in less than a day!

I’m not licking it!

This week we are joined by a BTN legend as we probe the week in tech. We talk the mess in messaging, the fact that we have far too many streaming services and get a little nervy about what the feds may have on us. Plus, there are some things you just shouldn’t lick as well a little bit of VR revelations.

It’s A Google Day

Google Drive gets better for businesses.

Add-ons are finally coming to Gmail.

Google Hangouts is getting an overhaul.

Premier League to block Kodi football streams.


WikiLeaks says CIA hacked into Samsung smart TVs.

Microsoft Accounts suffer hour-long outage.

BritBox streaming service arrives in the US.

Meet your automated nurse.


All iPhones to have OLED screens by 2019?

Twitch becoming the next social media service?

So many secerts with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

You can’t jumpstart your metabolism.

Move by Myself – The Best of Paralysed Scrotum

If you pass on the BIG Show to focus on the Mac Show then more fool you. More fun that you can shake a stick at

Cupid Stunt

A brainless stunt in the East and a HUGE Loss from Nokia

Apple Upgrade Cycle is Like 40 years in ‘Design Years’

Its been a while since Apple updated some lines and whilst Tim says he cares about Pros…we ask what it would take for Pros to be happy

All The Pain Killers

Facebook Messenger is getting a Dislike button.

WD networked drive is vulnerable to hackers.

Don’t skin your new Nintendo Switch!

Introducing the fat-loss breathalyzer.

Microsoft’s Bugs

Next iPhone to use USB Type-C port.

Google Home to launch in the UK by June.

Microsoft will launch Xbox Game Pass.

SoundCloud adds $5.00 subscription.

Bugs found in Microsoft’s browsing programs.