The BTN Phantasy Foto League 2017!

The BTN Phantasy Foto League 2017!
13 Feb 17

If you’ve been listening to The Photo Show you should know all about the BTN Phantasy Foto League 2017! If you don’t listen yet then you need to crawl out from under that rock, get subscribed and then dust off your camera/smartphone ready for February’s assignment!

The aim of the BTN PFL is to get the old grey matter going and inspire some creative photography. Don’t go and photograph the obvious, use you imagination in terms of interpreting the theme set. It’s as much about creativity as it is about technical ability.

Ok, Ok, so you may have missed January’s assignment but that really doesn’t matter as there is plenty of the year left and the more people who enter means there are more points up for grabs! And the end of the year the overall winner will scoop a DSLR and everyone else will have received feedback on their entries so will develop both their creative and technical capabilities! Win, Win!!

The Assignment for February is ‘Self’ – The rules are simple, you cant take a picture of yourself or anyone that others in the competition could identify (e.g. locations/spouse/child etc) For February’s assignment, the submitted image must also be shot in the calendar month of February 2017 and emailed to by end of day Tues 28th Feb.

1. All monthly assignment entries should be submitted by the last day of that calendar month.
2. One entry per person, per month
3. All the images have to be submitted so that the EXIF Image Data can be viewed (Just save it straight out of the camera, any photoshop adjustments will not remove the data as long as you don’t paste into a new document) This makes sure that everyone is taking the images in the month that is required rather than trolling out old images that you’ve taken.
4. Images can be real or photoreal but MUST have a photographic base (no pure graphics). If there is a lot of manipulation, you may need to provide the original shot to show your month of taking
5. All entrants in the assignment month will have 3 “blind votes” so no sharing your image on twitter/in the slackroom etc.. In addition Jack will award points for creativity and Ewen & Hannah will award points for the technical stuff..

Good Luck!!


Chris Campion


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