Columbo v Batman

Columbo v Batman

Jeff, Kelly, Andrew and Paul invent a whole new genre of comic, although Jeff is late to the party (With Audio), Andrew cheats at “better than Gave Dibbons”, Alex G Fox gets some comic advice and the America’s Army comic makes us all just a little bit sick.






Just listened to all the issues in about 2-3 days and even though like Alex I haven’t really read comics (at least recently) I’ve really enjoyed it.

Last time I remember reading any comics properly, it was in the 90s and I was about 12, reading comic spinoffs for various mostly Gerry Anderson TV shows, most of which were largely reprints of 1960s editions of TV21 Comic.
I keep seeing the films like Watchmen and Kickass and have been curious about the Graphic Novel versions of those.
I’m now delving into Comixology on my tablet from the recommendations of this issue and a previous one, I’ve had fun starting by looking around the Free stuff they have, currently on DC’s New52 as I at least have some familiarity with the characters featured via other media but will be looking to branch out possibly to things you guys pick.

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