Ellis on Camping

Ellis on Camping

Ellis has decided that camping is for him, so to test the resolve and summon the blood, we spend the night in my parents garden.

We emerge the following morning with the usual skewed information on the subject which Ellis has to offer. Please enjoy the show and tell everyone you know (iTunes needs some reviews too)

If you have a topic that you’d like Ellis to discuss, then send us an email to britishtechnews@gmail.com



Alex Fox

Great stuff Ellis. Don’t know about about the other fella.
Keep up the good work. See you soon mate.

Alex may have a point. Watch out Ewen, you could be usurped. 🙂


Fantastic as always. Crying with laughter.

Neil Simons

Loving this podcast! have just found it and am hooked! I think its such a good idea and hope that I have such a strong relationship with my daughter in the years to come.


I’ve listened to the all….more please!!!

Ken knight

Great show. Enjoy your camping you have great places to visit and hordes of people who can give you great advice.

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