Ellis on Robbers

Ellis on Robbers

This week Ellis decides to discuss Robbers. Very sorry to any listeners in Japan for some of the generalisations which Ellis makes and also we are copyrighting the name of the night club he inadvertently invents

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Maynard Rarela

You’re such a very smart boy, Ellis. I had fun listening to your very clever thoughts about robbers and Japan. What a great tandem. Keep it up, you’ll go a long way. Good luck!


Hey fellas. I think we may have found a future home secretary.
Not sure I want to go to Japan anymore though as I’m a little concerned about the abundance of swords. I’ll be good from now on just incase.
Thanks for the fun. Alex.

I want to hear more about STICK WARS! And Spearmint Spear-Men!

Smoked Salmon

Quite amusing, Ellis is funny but also the bits where Ewan cracks up add to it.

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