Australian Grand Prix – Button’s Best?

Australian Grand Prix – Button’s Best?

So its back! And so are we.

We may love our tech, but we love our F1 just as much and the new season started off with a zinger of a race down under where the back markers and the safety car played a featured role. Bernie took his teddy over to Sky and half of us saw it live and the other half saw it late.

Stat man brought out something wonderful…for a while and the ying and yang of the race unfolded behind a supremely cool and calculating Jenson Button. Too soon or is it the Year of The Button. We all hope so at least




Bit surprised no one picked Kimi’s “WHY DO I ALWAYS GET BLUE FLAGS” as their magic moment of the race. That would have been mine if I’d been on.

It was on my list of possibles Tone! 🙂

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