Dear Tim, come and wash my clothes!

Dear Tim, come and wash my clothes!

The guys are joined by Bart Busschots to discuss 4G coverage everywhere in the UK (yeah right!), the Apple Samsung ruling, and some rumours around the new iPhone release. They also try to solve your issues with iOS in the trouble gusset section.

Show notes for iOS Show 008



Peter Emery

Some info re Bluetooth 4.0 & NFC. Go to
Article is titled: The power of Bluetooth 4.0: It’ll change your life.

Here’s a particularly relevant extract:

One-tap hookup

Another convenience newer forms of Bluetooth brings is compatibility with NFC chips. Both Bluetooth versions 3.0 and 4.0 can talk to NFC hardware in phones and laptops to make pairing a simple process of tapping the two devices together.
So you can imagine configuring Wi-Fi settings on mobile gadgets just by resting them on NFC equipped routers or hooking up headsets with tablets and phones in the same manner. For example, Motorola’s new Elite Sliver headset already has this NFC pairing ability.

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