I have always thought of myself as a rotary dialer

I have always thought of myself as a rotary dialer

Paul, Rodti, Streak and Ian discuss the prototypes from the Samsung Apple trial, Windows Malware in iOS, Apples earnings call, your support questions in Trouble Gusset and much, much more in The iOS Show.

Show notes for iOS Show 006 – I have always considered myself a rotary dialer



Peter Emery

Re charging the iPad from USB ports on computers: My 2011 MacBook Pro and 2011 MacBook Air can put out 2100 mA from either port when an iPad is plugged in.

The extra 1600 mA is only available for charging iPads. The MacBook Air will provide an extra 150 mA to drive its ext Superdrive, but unless modified in a .plist file, the USB ports on the MacBook Pro do not. They put out 2100 mA for charging iPads or 500 mA for everything else.

A previous MacBook Pro from 2009 put more current through the USB port closest to the SD card slot.

Most early Intel iMacs had one USB port that put out more current than the others. If you plug an iPhone charger into an iPad, it will eventually charge, even if the iPad indicates that it is not charging.

There are some PCs which have a USB port intended for higher-current devices, these will provide the extra current needed by an iPad and are usually marked (as Paul suggested) with some extra power indicator.

Excellent information, Peter!

As you mentioned about the earlier Intel iMacs, there is usually one USB port that pumps out more power than the other one. For all the polycarbonate (white) MacBooks this is the port closes to the user, so to speak.

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