…and you’re an Anchor

…and you’re an Anchor

Ewen has upset the Fanbois…there’s a surprise and we actually talk Apple without Ewen slagging off a ‘Great COmpany’ and not being an Anchor. Do I have that right?



Rob Hancox

Hi Ewen and all on the network. Love listening to the rants, it’s what make the show real – there’s no point pussy-footing about is there? If you’ve a point, go ahead and say it. Which is why I’m writing. I’ve not heard a scoot about how shite IOS7 looks and how it’s “dumbed down” the beautiful interface that was anything pre-IOS7.
There’s a whole barrel of fun on the Apple discussion forums called “I hate IOS7 why can’t I change back to IOS6”. The vitriol is quite alarming with people claiming Johnny Ive is near God-like status and how dare we criticise anything that he touches.
Everyone is critical of three things:
1. The icons look like a child’s toy
2. The lag/delay is wholly unacceptable on pre iPhone 5 or ipad 3
3. There’s no way you can return to IOS6
One aspect that I completely overlooked however. When will the Mac interface be dumbed down like IOS7?

Got to be worth a rant surely? !!! 🙂

Oh Dear.

I really like iOS7 Rob and Its slick as snot on my old 4s. No lag at all. Wifes old 4 ran it pretty well as well. Complete installs in both cases though and no restore of backups…perhaps?



Rob Hancox

We’ve done the full installs as a “new” device and whilst it improved the performance it was noticeably slower than the previous version. It’s as if the addition benefits of IOS7 require a beafier CPU grunt to drive things.
I personally can’t stand the Pages/Keynote interface now and whilst there are improvements they all seem to be outweighed by the poor response/slick interface of before.
The worry I have is when will Johnny-the-God-Ives impress his design ethos onto the MacOS interface. I pray that he’ll keep his minimalist fingers off it.
Do you not think that the icons all look a bit flat, lifeless and almost child-like?

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