The Apple Crap Cover

The Apple Crap Cover

The iPad Air came actually made Ewen queue for an Apple product for once and yes…even Ewen confesses its a good upgrade. But Apple let themselves down just a little bit by wholesale changes of the magnets for the  covers and by overcharging for a ‘Smart’ Cover which is the dumbest purchase you could possibly make




Great show! It’s nice listening to some guys who aren’t afraid to upset the fan boys and girls (Kelly). Ewen and the guests are all awesome and really make me laugh. There is just one person who gets under my skin.

I’m from Portland so maybe I’m extra critical about other Portlanders but please please please get Kelly off the show. She leaves the podcast rudely, she defends Apple nonstop and gets super moody when anyone says something bad about it. She is not interested in the other guests, only in how cool and adorkable she is. She repeats Apple PR lines like they are deep insights. I’m sorry to be a troll about this, she just really takes away from the show for me. Cheers!

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