Me and Gisele Bundchen

Me and Gisele Bundchen

The Photo Show returns with offerings from Samsung, Nokia, Adobe and a high speed camera to set your pulse racing.



Brett Ladin

Dear Ewan,
Could you please bring back the photo show?
I really miss it.
Brett From Brooklyn

Hey Brett

Thanks for the nice comment. I will be doing a few Photo shows over the holiday period. I have just lacked time in recent weeks. Sorry



Richard McB

Hi Ewen,

I realise you do these shows in your spare time but what’s happened to the Photo Show? I really enjoyed the weekly updates on the latest news and the insightful discussions.


I Rich

Thanks for the comment and I really appreciate it. Photo takes me about 3/4 day to prep, do and post and at the moment I just dont have the time. It will return though



Brett Ladin

Hey Ewan,
I realize that Photography is your Bread & Butter, and you don’t want to put out a substandard Show, but perhaps you could just put out a readers questions / Cool Thingy(s) show just to tied the Photo Show fans over Until (Insert Hopes & Prayers) it RETURNS?? (It’s been Almost a Year since the Gisele Photo Show)

SADcereley Photo Show Fan (and Proud British Racing Green “Bagel Tech Photo” T-Shirt Owner)
Brett Ladin-Brooklyn,4676 NY

Hey Brett

My greatest regret is that the one show I dont get to do is the one I have the most passion for. Photo takes about 3/4 day to prepare before I record…but your right, I must try harder.

Also dont forget that The Help Show is open for photography questions as well!


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Released 02 February 2015


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