Plantronics Backbeat Fit

Plantronics Backbeat Fit
13 Jun 17

Having said RIP to my trusty Bose wired earbuds I started on the lookout for some lightweight in-ear buds for running. I’d managed perfectly well with wired into my iPhone on an arm band but wanted the extra freedom so started researching Bluetooth options. There is no doubt that Apples Air Pods were top of the wishlist based on reviews from fellow BTN panellists and listeners however knowing how clumsy I am I didn’t want to spend that amount when the majority of my running is on roads and trails, losing them or dropping them on Tarmac is virtually guaranteed.

After scouting running forums and friends I opted for the Plantronics Backbeat Fit, a really good looking and lightweight set of Bluetooth buds which have really had running and exercise at the forefront of the design.

First up the design, many Bluetooth earbuds have the control/mic unit a couple of inches down the wire and I’ve found this impacts the wire when being worn meaning that it pulls slightly to one side. I’ve also found that the wire itself becomes prone to sticking to your neck when during exercise. The Backbeat Fit design however has a rubberised band which stands slightly off the back of your neck which is extremely comfortable. Even in the gym doing some bench work, the flexible band didn’t get in the way and the Backbeat Fits stayed in place. The controls themselves are on the ear bud itself, the on/off and call answer on one and the play/pause and volume up/down on the other, this not only makes them perfectly balanced when wearing but also makes the controls very accessible.

Reviews on Amazon are generally 4+ stars with some reviews saying that they the bud doesn’t sit deep enough in the ear. My view is that they don’t sit deep but then again you shouldn’t really want them to as you still need to hear some background noise when out running from a safety perspective and certainly want to know if a car is approaching when I’m on the roads.. The sound quality itself is very good and was a real surprise, listening to high beats per min tracks, rock, acoustic tracks and spoken word all stood up to my audio expectations.

If you are in the market for earbuds for exercising then the Plantronics Backbeat Fits should be on your short list.

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Chris Campion


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