The Everdock pro by FŪZ Designs

The Everdock pro by FŪZ Designs
27 Apr 14

The Everdock pro by FŪZ Designs is a charging dock with a difference. It is “designed to support virtually ALL smartphones and tablets. Accommodating lightning, 30-pin, micro-USB, and auxiliary cables, the EverDock works with any of your devices.”. It started life with a successful kickstarter campaign and is now available for public purchase in a variety of colours from and the FŪZ Designs online store.

Upon picking up the Everdock Pro the first thing you notice is the weight, its much heavier than other docks of its size. Its made of a solid piece of “aircraft grade aluminium” partly for looks but also a heavier dock helps when un-docking your device. This weight combined with the micro-suction technology means you can simply grab your phone and go. With all other docks I have used and tested over the years the biggest pain for me was having to either hold onto the dock when removing my phone or accept that the dock was coming with me like a damp bar coaster. The dock features an extra area of  ‘micro suction technology’ for use when “extra suction is needed”.

While I only tested the Everdock pro with a Kindle Fire HD, iPad Mini, iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s the dock is designed to work with almost all smartphones and tablets. The dock does not come with a cable as you are able to use your own. Meaning that you don’t need to change your dock when you change your phone. You simply thread your lightening cable through the hole in the dock and attach a collar around the plug (you don’t need to use a collar if using 30pin). This collar then fits snugly into the base of the Everdock and away you go. The marketing information on the Everdock’s website ( states that the Everdock is universal, I.e. It works with both Android and iOS devices (and theoretically Windows etc…) however I couldn’t get as good a fit with Micro USB plugs. They work, but are not as snug and neat a fit as the Apple Lightening and 30Pin cables. I have read on other reviews of the Everdock that it comes with a Micro USB cable that works with the Everdock but this was not in the packaging for the one I received for review. I reached out to FŪZ Designs but at the time of writing this review I have not had any word back. I guess if you could find a slimline MicroUSB plug that would fit in the Apple Lightening collar it would be grand. But I don’t have one of those lying about to test the idea.

Got a case on your phone? Not a problem. The Everdock features a rubber seat that your device sits on. If you have a case on your phone, you simply remove this rubber seat or swap it for the thinner version that comes with the dock and everything works perfectly. Obviously there is a point where your case is simply too big. e.g. If you have a Mophie case on your phone then it simply will not fit.

I only came across a couple of negatives when using this dock the first (and it is a very minor issue… perhaps only relating to me… and also an issue I have encountered with all docks I have ever owned) is that the cable only exits from the rear of the dock. The cabling on my bedside table (where I keep my dock) comes from the right side of the unit, not the rear. I want the device to face the right so I can see the screen when I wake up (I know, I know, thats very bad for me) but the cable has to run out the back and then curl back round the side of the dock and down the unit. This is untidy and frustrates me, but I accept this is a problem probably fairly unique to me.

The second is a little more annoying. By design the dock uses the connector to hold the device in place, this means that when the device is plugged in it is very steady. However, if you need to use your device in landscape mode this dock not the one for you, by extension if you are using a device that does not have a power connector in the centre of a side you may find your device slipping off the dock or putting a large amount of stress on the connector.

And finally… there are (as of the time of writing this review) no UK based sales outlets. You can purchase from the FŪZ Designs online store and pay for shipping to the UK but it would be nice if you could purchase in the UK and not have to worry about importing it. I am sure that will come in time though.

So in summary this is a great little dock for the money ($49.99 approx £30.00) and pretty much the only dock you will ever need but looses points as you cannot purchase from a UK store and the problems detailed above relating to Micro USB.

We give it a British Tech Network 3.5 out of 5.


Paul Wheatley


This is David from FŪZ Designs. Thanks for the review, I think it is spot on. However, there should be a specifically designed micro-USB cable that works perfectly for the EverDock. It should be right behind the white foam in the packaging. Our new packaging has a red label telling you to go there, but it’s possible you have the old packaging. It would be pretty easy to miss.

The EverDock really needs the custom cable we include to work perfectly. With that, you should be all set. Sorry for the confusion. In addition, even a Mophie case works perfectly with that cable. Not many chargers on the market (if any) will let you charge a device in a Mophie case.

Thanks again for your review.

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