18 Jan 14

In a world of uncertainty about privacy and the enforced restrictions of what you can and cannot look at on the net (especially in the UK) I’m constantly asked about what would be an easy to use VPN client. Now a number of products out there require you messing around with your DNS settings or changing something on your system which is not always ideal. Well there is a simpler solution out there in the form of TunnelBear.

First off, it’s cross platform, you can get it for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android so you’re well covered but the best thing about it is it’s ease of use. For Mac and Windows all you need to do is to download the app from their web site and set up a TunnelBear account. Once you have it just run it and select the country that you would like to tunnel to (current countries available are USA, UK,  Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia and France) and then just click the on button to get going. It’s that damn easy. And when you’re finished just turn it off, no messing.


If you’re an iOS user download the app and it will tell you how to add the settings as a profile so you can tunnel mobile. I’m afraid that I haven’t been able to try it on Android so if anyone has had any experience please get in touch.

Pricing is also dead simple. There are three tiers. First of all there’s everyone’s favourite, free. They will generously give you 500MB of free data each month but if you partake in their Twitter promo which is to tweet out how awesome TunnelBear is from your account (you will need to provide your Twitter username for this) they will reward you with and extra 1GB of data (there are also bonuses for the best tweets) so thats 1.5GB to play with. Then there’s the ‘Giant’ TunnelBear option (the one I’ve signed up for) which gives you unlimited data on a monthly basis which will set you back $4.99 (3 quid for us Brits). Then finally the ‘Grizzly’ package which gives you a year of unlimited tunneling for $49.99.

All in all this is the most seamless VPN solution out there so if you’re worried about privacy or want to surf without limits then TunnelBear is for you.


Paul Wright


Greig Pollard

I use this on all my devices, and it has very let me down. A**
Great for watching BBC abroad, but also for listening to Pandora etc in the UK.

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