Show notes for Gamer 024 – 24/3/13

Show notes for Gamer 024 – 24/3/13
25 Mar 13

This a list of the games and links referenced in the Gamer Show when running through the news stories, previews, what we have been playing this week and bargin basement challenge. Enjoy.


Paul Wheatley @paulwheatley
Grant ‘Chis’ Chisholm
Sam Whiteley @drnastyflaps


Theif Dark Project


Paul – Disney Infinity
Sam – Total War: Factions
Chis – Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Playing this week

Paul – Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Plants Vs Zombies, Minecraft
Sam – Tokyo Jungle
Chis – Crysis 3

Bargin Basement Challenge

Paul – EnviroBear
Sam – Mirrors Edge
Chis – Phantasy Star Universe


Paul Wheatley