The Big Show – Old Farts on Tech – Show Notes

The Big Show – Old Farts on Tech – Show Notes
7 Mar 13

I can only apologise straight out of the gate for grumpy old farts on the panel this week. James Hart, Sarah Gray, Alex Fox, Richard Harkness and Christopher Woods join Ewen Rankin for the whole of the week’s Tech News.

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
James Hart @syzygy
Alex G Fox – @alexgfox
Sarah Gray @sarahjaneuk
Richard Harkness @richharkness
Christopher Woods @christopherw



James – Ewen and the gang deliver a cracking show, informative and amusing. 5 Stars!

The Week in Technology

Adobe Boss stumbles over pricing

Beercade – Beer if your good enough.

Library of Congress

Car logs from the Tesla show article was a fake.

A movie about being a google intern.

Britain to switch off Airport radar to open 5G spectrum.

Podcasting Community faces Patent Troll Threat.

EFF to defend against troll with “podcasting patent” granted in 2012.

Android 4.2.2. comes to Nexus 4

(Leads on to a discussion on replaceable batteries).

Galaxy S4 is a comin’

Fight the Death Star project with the X-Wing fighter.

Cool Thingy

James – – interesting idea – join the queue!         Stupid video of the day –

Alex –         TASCAM IXZ AUDIO INTERFACE £39 on Amazon. (Smartoffice 2 for iPad £6.99)

Sarah –    Behringer UCA222 USB audio interface (although there is an issue in Amazon with this product – hence no link – I think these are great and use them a lot for my mixer including for feeding from my mixer out to British Tech towers).

Rich-         Belkin flip stand for iPad        Richards Podcast – Back to the Mac

Chris – Magic Lantern, Canon firmware add-on. (Check camera warranty though)

Ewen –     Bournemouth Cycle Works – Great Service @BCycleworks