The Mac Show – A Diva Diver – Show Notes

The Mac Show – A Diva Diver – Show Notes
21 Feb 13

Ewen is joined by Don McAllister, Will Green, Kelly Guimont and Dr Happy Mac for this weeks Mac and Apple news as well as discussing your reviews, comments and questions on all things Mac.

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Don McAllister @donmcallister
Andrew Stephens (Dr Happy Mac) @drhappymac
Kelly Guimont @verso
Will Green – @BritishMac




From Andrew – “Informative but not too serious, a Great Laugh!”

From Beaverblade – “ I’ve been listening to all the BRN Podcasts for about 18 months now and really enjoy the broad knowledge and humour from the podcasters

From Richard – “ This was really an enjoyable podcast when Will Green was absent. The panels would discuss tech news and intelligently speculate about the future of Apple. Sadly Will Green has returned, which means that he wastes everyones time with his puerile and obscene jokes and leads the panel into meaningless and annoying tangents. Please get rid of this man.


Comments and Questions


Hello Ewen

I am a long term listener lover and voter of the mac and photo show, excellent podcasts well done keep up the great work.
The reason I write is following listening to mac show today felt I must offer a word of caution on the Ibg bloodiest machine.
A long story cut short……..
I am 37 years old and have been a diabetic for 36 of them.
Just over a year ago (pre public release) I started to use the Ibg star,  after a few days developed a  problem, knowing and showing great signs of hypo, blood test readings displayed 6+ (normal).
After consulting drs, by accident discoverd Ibg star meter reading differed greatly from existing meter.
Since speaking with the makers and distributors of this device  was informed that this meter reads a different part of the blood than most other existing meters on the market, and so may not suit everyone.
I would recommend anyone that purchases one of these try it alongside existing meter for a while to gauge accuracy before depending on it.
Sorry it’s in English rather than medical terms, it is a great device but had to choose accuracy rather than bells and whistles which is why I use a mac.

Many thanks
Keep up the great work
Mark p


For the Mac show
Since I am using iTunes Match, should I bother keeping a local copy of all my music on my iMac since I can stream it all from the cloud?

For the photo show

There are a lot of light meter apps for iPhone are these any good or should I use a real light meter?

Ross Craig
St. John’s Newfoundland


The Week in Technology

iPhone 6 at 4.8inches not launching until 2014

How to bypass the lock screen in iOS 6.1

100s of designers working on smart watch at Apple

Dons does a review on the Pebble smart watch.

Exchange Bug Fix on the way.

Surprise Price drop on Apple MBP and MBAs

Apple could destroy console gaming with Apps for the Apple TV


Cool Thingys

Don – Tweet Library: $4.99.

DHM – A free App, Myscript calculator by vision

Kelly – Frameshift stand from Insanely Great:

Will – Ortelius
Popclip – £2.99 from the Mac App store.

Ewen – Highnote – Pitch and key change without pace change for iOS