The Mac Show – RIMWiper – Show Notes

The Mac Show – RIMWiper – Show Notes
21 Feb 13

The new Mac Pros are-a-coming according to Ze French. Will’s wife enjoys The Rabbit, but not the one for the Mac Platform and TwelveSouth drop out a perfect little addition for The Macbook Pro…worldwide

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Don McAllister @donmcallister
Kyle Swager –  @kyleswager
Chris Foresman – @foresmac
Will Green – @BritishMac
Andrew Stephens (Dr Happy Mac) @drhappymac  (carwiper, facewiper and, logowiper apps available on iTunes)


Mac News

Has the Apple bubble burst?

Apple tells reseller that the new Mac pro is arriving in Spring 2013.

Reseller claims Mac Pro coming, Apple points to Cook’s comments. 

Java banned by Apple.

Rabbit video and Chat service.

Woz: iPhone lagging?

imaginative and visionary dessigners wanted for Apple.


Cool Things

Don: Logitech bluetooth switch keyboard.

Kyle: Facewiper App

Chris: Glucose meter that snaps onto iPhone.

Will: iPhone type headphones for £3.49.

DHM: Mindcad Tiler £2.99. Geocity Sizer. See how your website looks like as a Geocities page.

Ewen: Plugbug world by Twelve South. and Procut 10 for iPad, £17.49.