The Mac Show – This is NOT the show your looking for – Show Notes

The Mac Show – This is NOT the show your looking for – Show Notes
13 Mar 13

All the Apple News and views from the regular team. We have a question, a pile of reviews, Dons discount code,  and also we have one last go at Will’s Alec Guinness impression.


Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Don McAllister @donmcallister
Andrew Stephens (Dr Happy Mac) @drhappymac
Alex G Fox – @alexgfox
Kelly Guimont @verso
Kyle Swager @kyleswager
Will Green – @BritishMac

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1. Attila The Hun –

GREAT! THE best Mac Podcast on iTunes. Irreverent, Funny and Informative. Great Selection of guests who are not only from the UK, but from the states and even the Phillipines!

If you want to know that happening in the Mac World and get a unique perspective on this news, subscribe to this podcast!

2. Superb, Informative and entertaining. Top Mac Podcast. – Clydel

3. I listen to a lot of podcasts. For the most, if I miss an episode then I’m not bothered, but The Mac Show is NOT to be missed. Its a light hearted look at Mac News with a great cast of regular guests and an often irreverant attitude. If youre looking a serious and gritty summary of the weeks tech news, then this isnt it, but if youre looking for a fun show, staffed by enthusiasts who know how to have some fun, there isnt anything better.

4. All the Mac News with very bad Alec Guinness impressions. But this is the most friendly way of getting your mac news. It can sometimes go off on a tangent and Ewen must feel like he’s herding cats at times. But this doesnt take away form teh show in many cases adds a slant to what would be a very dry conversation.
This IS the show your looking for

5. Yet again BTN Mac has me crying tears of joy while I listen to the PodCast. Seriously informative and unintentionally humorous at times with suggested themes almost worthy of a beep machine or “we’ll edit that bit out” – Yea right!

This PodCast has become by number 1 must listen to PodCast of the week. Full credit goes to Euan for bringing together this top team weekly. This review would not be complete without mentioning Mr Green – my idol – such a crack up.

To watch and listen live one day would be such a treat and a challenge from New Zealand. Great work – keep it up

David W – New Zealand

6. I listen to a lot of podcasts and in a lot of cases those of The British Tech Network have taken over from the flashier and glitzier and often emptier US podcasts. Never afraid to say what they think (and I often wonder if they ought to just a little bit) the show is full of character Characters. Well worth your time.

An obligatory mention of Will Green is that he is the British Columbo. An allegedly bumbling metaphor in a raincoat which hides a razor sharp wit, incisive cunning. Holmesian is he, although his Alec Guinness impression needs a lot of work.



1. I have a question – How do I move spare space from my bootcamp to my main mac partition. Can I change it after it has been created?



Google Introduce the Chromebook pixel Leads to discussion on Microsoft/Apple web based servers.

Apple Wrist Watch Patent
Apple iWatch concept

iPad Mini Leaked images



Ewen – Siege Craft for iPhone and iPad –

Alex – Iphone Docking station from Amazon  £2.75

Will – Final Cut Pro X plugins, Transitions and effects.

Don – Instashare file sharing app. Free with 69p in app purchase.
Screencastonline discount code = macworld13

Andrew – IVSO iPad leatherbound cover with bluetooth keyboard.

Kelly – 1993 Apple catalogue

Kyle – Free flashlight App.