The Photo Show – Au Revoir Chris – Show Notes

The Photo Show – Au Revoir Chris – Show Notes
7 Mar 13

Sorry for the chippy audio on this weeks show, especially as Chris is embarking on a new job on Monday and this will be his last appearance for a while. Its been great having him on and we hope he returns soon

We talk all the photo news and also answer your questions.

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Chris Foresman – @foresmac



The Week in Photograpy

Whilst holding something in public which was private she got snapped and isnt happy now. Duh!

 Jessops Owed Canon £20m

Sony investigating the possibility of a new camera between the RX1 and RX100. APS-C?


Bournemouth Cycle works

Stocksey, new stock photo coop by the founder of istockphoto.

A wooden hanging lamp shaped like a giant Nikon 12-24mm lens.

Get schooled by Photojojo on how to take better photos with your iPhone.

Rollei up, Rollei up, get your prints here.

Photographing the Sun



1. Hi guys.

First i’d like to apologise for taking so long to ask you a question but I only found your podcasts in November last year and I’ve been listening to all of them and I’ve only just caught up to date. (the Mac show, the photo show, the big show, IOS show and I’m going to start looking at the others now I have a bit more free time)

Anyway my question is a little bit late in asking because I’ve already purchased the lens but I would still like to know what your opinions are on the matter, I bought the Canon 70-200 F2.8 version 2.
So my question would have been to you I’m interested in taking photographs of dragonflies and I’ve been using my 100mm L macro up until now and I needed to have a little bit more reach and the two lenses I was looking at was the Canon 70-200 L F2.8 II and the Canon 70 to 300 L. I went with the 70-200 as the F2 .8 would give me more light because I need a fast Shutterspeed as the dragonflies fly up to 35 mph and we don’t seem to ever get any sunshine in England any more. Would it be better to have the sharpness of the 70-200 and crop to the same size of a 300mm lens or have the less sharp image from the 70-300 and not crop?

Ive also bought a 2x converter for this lens as I’ve been invited unto Brands Hatch for the taking photos of the Morgans club race. Any tips to do with Brands Hatch would also be great to hear, I’ve got pit access as well. My camera is the Canon 7d, I also have the 24-105L

Philip Holloway from Sunny Sussex!!


OK “Wiseguys”, here is one that you may not be able to answer so swiftly 😉  After all you asked for questions in the podcast!

All I want to do is ONLY use iTunes.  I am an experienced former professional in selling and specifying image workflow software, but (now retired) have not really ever sorted out what may be the holy grail of image editing.  Fast cropping, simple straightening and then output only of the cropped version of the image.  So far so good and this can be achieved by mixing and matching a variety of applications

Confidential Info…  I introduced Fotostation to the UK in around 1996 and this will do most of the work, but this is a sledgehammer to crack a nut.    It also still doesn’t do what it should as IMHO it is far too advanced for many non pro people.  I am aware of Cumulus, Portfolio, Pixelmator, PhotoMechanic etc.  I think Photoshop is overprice and inappropriate too for this process (select, multiple crop, output as cropped add iptc workflow)

This is a typical (old farts) problem when you want to digitise family content, and I still see similar problems when I visit some of my old customers in stock agencies and pictorial libraries.   It is a speed matter first and pretty labour intensive.

Current Workflow
Scan the old photo albums – I have a fast Canon Scanner that is a remnant of my business before I closed it.  You have to walk around it, but it is 600×600 dpi with half reasonable colour.  Good enough for anything up to A3 in a second or two.

I attach a copy of a scan with the problem drawn out.  The intent is NOT to have iPhoto cluttered up with large areas of crap (and disc space) in pictures that are then soft cropped for display.  IMHO excess data in an imaging system is always an issue.  I have old clients with 6-10 Tb of data…..

Ihoto Straighten Pic1
Ihoto  Crop Pic1
Duplicate Image
ihoto Straighten Pic2
Ihoto  Crop Pic2
Export 2 images (Cropped)
Delete 2 Originals
Import Cropped Images