The Photo Show – Radec the Mysogenist – Show Notes

The Photo Show – Radec the Mysogenist – Show Notes
14 Feb 13

This week, we discuss Panasonics new sensor technology, Nikon takes a stock market hit, there’s a war photographer doll that Tim thinks looks like me and we answer FIVE of YOUR Questions!

Ewen Rankin – @ewenrankin
Chris Foresman – @foresmac


Tip from Ross,
Hi guys, I have been listening to the podcast since you have started and I have learned a thing or two from you.

I have a tip, that I don’t think was brought up on the show.  I have a Nikon D90 and it doesn’t have a GPS unit on it.  I looked into buying one that connects to the hot shoe but it was around $200.00.

I found an App for my iPhone called mytracks, you make sure your camera and the phone are the same time, start recording your tracks.  When you get back home you import the GPX file into  Lightroom4 and use the map feature.  I have seen demos on YouTube and it looked fairly easy.  Once it warms up and stops snowing here in St. John’s Newfoundland I will give it a go.

Ross Craig

War journalist action figure.



Nikon stock plummets.

Prototype “Gunstock” camera mount?

The Hasselblad lunar with new Zeiss prime.

National Geographic photo library for $25. (US only £78 in UK)

Panasonics new sensor.





Hi Ewan and all,

First of all obligatory thanks for the excellent shows, I listen to BIG (what DOES that stand for?), Mac and Photo shows and love them all.

To the questions:

1) I was given a Canon 600D for my 40th which I have largely got to grips with despite not having done any serious photography before. What I don’t get is the method for importing RAW files. The Canon software doesn’t seem to like Mountain Lion very much despite trying to update it. What is the workflow? Do I import into CanonRAW then into Aperture or straight into Aperture? They go into Aperture ok but it does seem to choke on loading the files, is it having to convert to jpg on the fly?

2) As you may have guessed I own Aperture… I have to say it seems pretty impenetrable to me, I can do basic edits but not a load more. All of the photo mags use Adobe Elements or CS6 in their post-processing advice so I was thinking of getting Elements 11. But Adobe also make Light room. I’ve tried to read up on this but I’m not sure what the difference is apart from Lightroom’s photo organiser function. Should I stick with Aperture and try to wrap my head around or go the Adobe route, and if so which one?

Apologies if you have answered these previously on the show but I’m pretty baffled as you can tell.

Thanks again for the excellent work, you make 2 hour commutes something to look forward to.

Kind Regards,

Tim Husband


Hi Ewen, Alex, and Chris

I could probably work this out for myself, but in general I find it much easier to just ask people who know things… that would be you guys.

I have a question about backlit scenery photography. By this I mean, I often go for walks and the sun is at just the right angle to back light plants or leaves on trees making them glow.

I have yet to be able to capture an image that I like when seeing this.  I end up with nicely lit leaves, but they don’t look “backlit”, there is no glow.  Is it possible to get that shot or is it a look that simply doesn’t translate to a photograph?  Also, does it have to be done with a DSLR or can it be done with a point and shoot or dare I say it… an iphone?

Thanks so much!


Hi guys,

My question is should I spend the extra money on vibration reduction lenses.  I figure if I am using a 70-200/300 lens I should be using a tripod so then I would have to turn off the VR.  Is it worth it on a 18-55 or mid range telephoto lenses?


Ross Craig

Hi There Chaps,

I have a question for you all.
I’m still learning so go gentle on me!

My Grandparents are both 90 this year and and also celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this month (Applaud here if you wish!))

It has fallen to me to take a nice portrait of them both to be framed and hung on the wall for a party in the spring (No Pressure then!)

My question is lighting

I have a canon camera the same as Ewen uses together with an off camera flash (320 speedlight)  and a stand, brollybox and a couple of pop up reflectors.

I also have (which I bought cheap on ebay to have a play with the kids a green screen kit) See the picture below as apart from the green screen, it came with a white and a black background sheet which I’m thinking of using for this.

The kit also came with two 125w 5500k Daylight” bulbs , stands and umbrellas.   Are these any good for still photography?

If they are, any creative suggestions as to how to use the above to make a nice lit studio in their front room or do you suggest just sticking to the camera, flash and natural lighting?

Much appreciated in advance!



I Have another question if you are short!!

Imagine you have been sent on a trip and are expected to take portraits, landscapes and a whole variety of photography in between. (lets say images for a travel brochure)
The customs officer will only allow you to bring in one camera and two lenses and one other item for photography.

What would you take and why?