Be Kind To A.I.

Getting all set for Google Gaming announcement this week.

Sky Q boxes are getting another update.

Tech nerds are saying we better start being more kind to A.I.

No I’m not calling the episode ‘Tim Apple’…Grow up!

Chuck Apple, Steve Apple, James Apple and Jeff Apple all join Ewen Apple for the Mac Apple Show Apple.

Twitters’s Bed Bugs

Apple trying to get HBO and Showtime on its streaming service?

Twitter has got a new camera for you.

Microsoft to allow users to pause Windows 10 updates for over a month!?

Bring On The Lawyers

Chrome “Dark Mode” has came to macOS.

Windows 10 will automatically uninstall bad updates for you.

IBM didn’t inform people it used their Flickr photos.

Vanilla Ice Cream Beer

A Debit card with built-in fingerprint reader is coming to the UK.

Drone no-fly zones near UK airports are expanding soon.

Roku almost ready to offer AirPlay 2.

LG has beer and ice cream pods?

Long Live The Headphone Jack

Microsoft says it’s really best you upgrade to Windows 10 now.

Looks like new iPads will have a headphone jack still.

Ball tracking technology coming to MLB?

The Zucky Bunch

Amazon shutting down all US pop-up stores.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to address Facebook privacy issues.

Microsoft more trusted than Google and Apple.

Hololens 3.11 for Workgroups

No one is safe this week and even Atley has some reservations about the New Hololens Offering from Microsoft. Great discussions about the BIG Tech Stories of the week.

Some Doc on Doc Action

Great show this week despite the lack of anything nice to talk about with Apple

Pushin’ Software Crap

Introducing the new Fitbit’s Versa Lite.

LG’s new TV shipments will still not have AirPlay 2 or HomeKit.

Kia’s 21 smartphones dashboard.

Its All About the Inches

Patrice’s Cool thingy has caused until mayhem this week. All the Apple News…honest

Zuckerberg Knows my Ovulation

Facebook gets a kicking but some of it unfairly. All the Big Tech Stories from around the world

Hell in a Handbag

TV Producers are saying that Apple are being very intrusive.

Get ready for USB4!

Twitter might let you hide replies soon.

Police using pirated software in Canada!

Hardware’s Doom

Microsoft is killing off Health Dashboard apps and services.

Sony has stopped producing the PS Vita.

Go dark on Facebook Messenger.

Apple Watch, Watching You

Are PC gaming announcements in store for Microsoft for E3?

Google Duo hits the web.

Your Apple Watch is watching you sleep?

Bring It On Home

British broadcasters want to launch a Netflix rival?

Spotify finally launches in India.

Apple Music is in Google Home!!….oh wait 🙁

Ripping Out Your Veins

The Kinect has been resurrected!

SanDisk and Micron announce the first 1TB microSD card.

Sprint’s 5G network coming this May.

LG’s new smartphone unlocks it by recognizing your veins.

Dumb Sneakers

Apple’s iOS-to-Mac apps coming soon?

Razer cuts some jobs, but still focused on mobile gaming.

Nike’s smart sneakers are breaking when used with an Android apps!

Atley’s Secret Daniel O’Donnell Fetish

Atley gives up the secret of a lifetime…and somewhere in all that we discuss the BiG Tech Stories of the Week

What’s that Siri…Jimmy’s stuck in a well?

Yes The Apple Watch is officially the Mother Teresa of all electronic devices. All the Apple News from around the globe with the usual suspects

The Bulls**t In Tech

Enter “The Fold” with Samsung.

Microsoft releases new Office app for all Windows 10 users.

Seems there’s a microphone in the Nest Secure.

Emoji’s are coming to license plates in Australia.