Moons In China

Google will charge fees to include it’s on apps in EU Android devices.

Hackers accessed records of 75,000 people in government health insurance system.

There’s a new moon coming to China.

‘Some Music’ by Siri

Trials and tribulations of Siri continue and whilst she is markedly better, there seems to be ‘some’ issues with the way she plays ‘some’ music.

The William Green Trading Emporium. Established 2018

Will Green joins us for another soire through the week’s Technology News and lets us in on a fantastic new money making scheme he has.

We Have To Whisper

Another Apple Event coming October 30th.

Spotify has some new features rolling out.

Ubuntu Linux 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish is out.

Alexa now has a whisper mode.


Huge changes coming to Android in the EU.

Apple now lets US users download their data.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update ready for re-release

Facebook working on a video calling for your TV?

The Palm “Palm”

Photoshop for iPad coming in 2019.

Adobe launches a video-editing app made for YouTubers.

Dell unveils the first 49-inch ultra-wide monitor.

More fake Google apps in Microsoft Store.

Get ready for “The Palm” that fits in you palm?

1 Million Turn downs

Twitter is facing an investigation over data collection.

PS 4 crashing due to malicious message?

Alexa has turned down every marriage proposal.

Apple’s Exposure Disclosure

Good show this week ripping apart he performance of the new camera on the iPhone S Max thing

Rathole Riddled Romp

Yes there are only 3 of us this week but it doesnt stop us doing one of the best shows. Nothing appears to be ‘on topic’ today.

Googly News

All the news covered in yesterday’s Google Event in about 5mins.

The Facebook Portal

Google+ leaks users info and now will shut down!

Apple Releases iOS 12.0.1 update.

Facebook has got an new product out called “The Portal”.

In The Art World

Microsoft halts Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Even more Pixel leakage!

Banksy’s painting self-destructs.

Livin’ on The Edge

China installing tiny microchips on servers imported into the U.S.?

Yahoo is back in the messaging game with “Yahoo Together”.

uTorrent Web passes 1 million daily active users.

Facebook prevented users from deleting their accounts because of a bug??

WiFi 47

Google Assistant is getting redesigned.

Google Translate now knows the difference between all kinds of English.

Amazon’s got a new Fire 4K TV Stick.

Plex adds web shows to its universe.

Wifi gets numbers now.

Amazon Extravaganza

Sorry for the delay. We talk the Big stories in the tech world and Amazon kick us off with an IoT extravaganza!

iPhone Xs Max Unboxing…twice!

Sorry for the delay, in all the excitement of my new phone I forgot there was a show to post. Sorry for the slight hiatus but both shows are back on Friday night this week as normal


Microsoft may offer slimmed down version of Windows 10 for enterprise customers?

Google launches repair service for old Pixel phones.

Verizon now offers 5G network in 4 U.S. cities.

What is the right length for passwords?

Alright Alright Alright

Facebook news you already know about.

Apple iPhone XS not charging properly.

Looks like there are new Chromecasts too?

Leaking In Pixel Land

ECG on Apple Watch could take years to arrive in UK.

More Pixel 3 leakage.

Galaxy Note 9 has two new colors in the US.

CBS shuts down fan-made recreation of the USS Enterprise.

Beauty Eh!

Alexa was down many hours yesterday in Europe.

DeepMind and Unity are gonna work together.

Oculus Quest VR headset shipping next year.

YouTube is coming to all Oculus mobile VR headsets!

Amazon Music Unlimited finally launches in Canada.

Happy At The Bank Today

SiriusXM buys Pandora.

Roku to let you control its devices with Google Assistant.

Apple completes Shazam acquisition.

Snapchat to let you easily buy items from Amazon with your camera?