Jurassic Google

Google confirms it will buy smart glasses maker North.

The upcoming cheaper phones from OnePlus will be called Nord.

Add new contacts with QR codes in WhatsApp now.

Google lets you see dinosaurs in augmented reality.

The Smell Of Space

UK CMA wants tougher action on tech companies.

The UK will allow electric scooter rentals on the roads.

Spotify unveils a Premium Duo plan for two people only.

You can now smell like space!

Watch Party!!

Virtual viewing parties coming to US Prime subscribers.

Waze announced a brand refresh today.

India blocks TikTok and 58 other apps.

Whats In The Box?

Some people are seeing facebook in dark mode on mobile apps.

UK COVID-19 contact tracing app to warn of high infection rates near you.

The next iPhones might not include a charger!?

500 Days Of Noise

Facebook says the Oculus Go has got to go.

Amazon considering adding live TV to its Prime Video service soon?

Repeating radio waves coming from space for the past 500 days!


Google will auto-delete location and search history for new users only.

iPhone and iPad users can change their default mail app and web browser in iOS14.

The Segway is going away 🙁

WWDC in Quarantine

All the news highlights from Apple’s 2020 WWDC event.

The Wandering Wand

Android’s upcoming Nearby Share…aka..AirDrop coming soon?

Chrome will soon use less memory in Windows 10.

Amazon ending support for the Dash Wand.

The Nikon Issue

With Ewen still AWOL the brave boys of BTN decided to make their own Photo Show…Ewen may be out of a job.

Price Goes Down By The Letter

Google has optimized their WiFi routers for slow internet connections.

Facebook won’t pay for Australian news content.

Hey is selling two-letter email addresses for $999 a year!

The Triumph Bike

Dropbox debuts its password manager.

Zoom will now offer end-to-end encryption for all users for free.

Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS.

Introducing The Triumph E-Bike.

Upgrading The Pros

Apple’s got it’s own Pros for upgrade now.

Microsoft restores custom Xbox gamerpic uploads.

The Samsung’s 5G A71 coming to the US on June 19th.

WhatsApp adds payments, but only in Brazil.

Hello Again Bugs!

Apple could face lawsuit over loot boxes in games.

Microsoft Teams now lets you upload your own photos as background images.

Latest Windows 10 updates came with printer bugs.

Dipping Down Into The Sewer

Facebook’s has revamped it’s news section for local sources in the US.

Google knows the Pixel Buds have connectivity issues.

Using the sewer systems to track COVID-19.

Charging The Urethra

Apple moving to ARM-based Macs.

Nintendo’s NNID hack was almost twice as big then first reported.

WhatsApp users phone numbers was found in Google search!

Man put a cell phone charger up his penis!

The Headaches Have Arrived

DMCA going after Twitch streamers.

Google Maps adds new COVID-19 alerts.

MIT gets thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip!

There’s No Place Like Earth?

Apple might offer payment plans for iPads and Macs on Apple Card?

iPhone 11 models display a green tint after unlocking.

UK may pay drivers to replace combustion cars with EVs.

Astronomers have found a planet like Earth!

Everybody’s Zooming!

The new Edge browser is rolling out via Windows Update now.

Looks like the 2021 iPad Pros could have 5G?

Zoom usage peaked at 300 million in April.

Could a Tesla factory be coming to the UK?

The Beeb Is Everywhere

Apple News+ will feature audio soon?

BBC’s voice assistant is ready for testing on PCs.

An early look at Google’s rumored Android TV dongle has hit the web.

CES will go ahead in 2021.

Goodbye Jailbreak

Apple releases iOS 13.5.1 and macOS Catalina 10.15.5.

Google has new safety and battery updates coming to their Pixels.

Four Publishers to sue Internet Archive.

When Gorillas Play Solitaire

Patrice heads up the show with Jeff, Hauwa & Alistair.

All the BIG Tech Stories from the week with a great panel