Goodbye Excelsior

Amazon won’t share Echo data in US murder case.

Netflix considering raising and lowering prices in some markets.

The Surface Go LTE is a go on November 20th.

Rest in peace Stan Lee.

Touch Issues

Repair programs coming for some iPhone X and 13-inch MacBook Pro models.

Say goodbye to Wii streaming.

Samsung might of the most expensive cell phone soon.

Save Batteries Lives

Here come the foldable phones.

Comcast is planning a streaming set-top box.

iHeart Radio now offers full control for Sonos speakers.

Dark Mode saves batteries lives.

Share With Friends Via Bluetooth

GigSky announces eSIM support for new iPhones,

Spotify Connect no longer require premium subscriptions.

AT&T will cut off your internet service if your a pirate.

It’s 5c Deja Vu

Apple killing extra iPhone XR production.

WatchOS 5.1.1 is released.

Barnes & Noble releases a new Nook tablet.

Smart shopping carts coming to Korea.

Snap Nightmare All Over Again

5G iPhones by 2020?

N64 Classic to be unveiled in a couple of weeks?

Say googbye to using XBOX One USB TV Tuner on apps.

More Money For Apple

All the news from the Apple iPad/Mac event held yesterday in New York City.

Social Credit

Sony announces the full PlayStation Classic game list.

OnePlus announces 6T smartphone.

Alexa skills now on the Nvidia Shield TV.

China ranking it’s citizens with ‘social credit’ system!

Greenie’s Watch Arrives

Yes the high quality watch from the William Green Emporium has arrived and boy you can really feel the quality

Slapping Ron Johnson’s Arse

Yes Greenie eludes to his chance meeting with Ron Johnson in the Exeter store and we reveal that none of us has bought an iPhone XR

Drama At Qualcomm

Gmail has got 1.5 billion users now.

Use a mouse with your Xbox One now.

Apple is behind on payments.

Plastic Poop

Global rollout for Apple’s streaming TV service next year.

Facebook now lets you attach songs to your photos and videos.

Google making it easier to delete your search history now.

There is plastic in your poop!!

Alexa Is Nuts Again

Facebook slowly rolling out new Messenger design.

Pixel 3 camera will work the way it should for everyone soon says Google.

New iPad Mini coming in 2019?

Alexa is loosing it again.

When the kids aren’t even drinking GOOD alcohol

Jeff and Camps join Ewen for a light-hearted look at The Week’s Tech News

Apple’s Dongle Divorce Syndrome

Yeah, You’ve all done it…”Where’s the dongle I had the other day, I left it right here!” We discuss this pressing issue and others in the week’s Apple News

Flexie Things

Samsung launching a flexible screen laptop?

eBay launches a new smartphone trade-in service.

YouTube TV gives users a choice of free stuff.

The “R” stands for what??

Moons In China

Google will charge fees to include it’s on apps in EU Android devices.

Hackers accessed records of 75,000 people in government health insurance system.

There’s a new moon coming to China.

‘Some Music’ by Siri

Trials and tribulations of Siri continue and whilst she is markedly better, there seems to be ‘some’ issues with the way she plays ‘some’ music.

The William Green Trading Emporium. Established 2018

Will Green joins us for another soire through the week’s Technology News and lets us in on a fantastic new money making scheme he has.

We Have To Whisper

Another Apple Event coming October 30th.

Spotify has some new features rolling out.

Ubuntu Linux 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish is out.

Alexa now has a whisper mode.


Huge changes coming to Android in the EU.

Apple now lets US users download their data.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update ready for re-release

Facebook working on a video calling for your TV?