The Placebo Effect

A new iPad Mini coming soon?

Fitbit users can share data with the National Institutes of Health.

Google paid $40 million Fossil’s smartwatch tech.

Feel the placebo effect Louis Vuitton earbuds.

Thanks Mom and Dad

Get ready to control Pandora with voice commands.

Fortnite vulnerabilities put players privacy at risk.

A Bluetooth chip doesn’t need a battery to work.

Here comes Ghostbusters 3!?

Should Apple let you fix your iPhone?

The subject of repairability comes up (mostly because Ewen has cracked his iPhone Screen) and whether Apple is right to hold the reins on repair

CES 2019 Sex Toy Roundup

Unfortunately Jeff Gamet’s Live CES walk of the Floor Show from last year will have to be forever a memory of one of the great BTN moments but this year we don’t disappoint with all the great sex toy news from the No Price – No Date Show in Las Vegas.

Gotta Get Back In Time

Oppo says they got a phone with 10x optical zoom coming soon.

Facebook testing event sharing for Stories.

New self-lacing shoes coming from Nike?

Apps Here, Apps There, Apps Everywhere!

Germany to order Facebook to stop collecting user data?

Google Play shows you how much space you have on your phone now.

Rest in Peace Chromecast.

Ring My Bell

Samsung to unveil foldable phone on February 20th?

Amazon building video game streaming service.

Ring let employees watch customer videos!

Your Driving Sucks!

Apple cutting iPhone production by 10 percent.

More malware in the Google Play Store.

AI can now read facial expression to tell if you need help driving.

CES Crap

Looks like Xiaomi is joining the foldable phone game.

Samsung has got a big ass TV at CES that you can’t buy.

A mirror with built in AI.

Hell Has Frozen Over

Get ready for iTunes Movies and TV Shows on your Samsung TVs!

CES says it’s all about AI at this year show.

The Weather Channel is tracking you?

The BIG Tech Christmas Quiz

As New Year looms we look back at the year in the Tech Universe and all that it has taken in. The good, the bad and the downright Ugly of the tech news. Some easy, some not so easy and some hard questions await our panel. Enjoy and see you all next year…Happy New Year.

The Mac Christmas Quiz 2018

As New Year looms we look back at the year in Apple and all the other stuff thats gone on around the Mac Universe. Some easy, some not so easy and some hard questions await our panel. Enjoy and see you all next year…Happy New Year.

The 2018 Christmas Special

It’s that time of year again for the BTN News Show Christmas episode.

Swearing Polly

Another Facebook API bug exposed over 6 million users private photos.

Google Photos no longer offers unlimited storage for some video formats.

Cydia closes purchases.

Today’s Crap For Christmas: Swearing Parrot Keyring

Apple Kills Music Connect…if anyone knew it even existed

Yes Eddie Cue may have launched Music Connect at the Keynote where everyone went to sleep. Everyone forgot about it…and now so have Apple. All the weeks Apple News from the usual suspects

A HUGE Dillo

We have a new boy joining us…James and then the old hands join him for a run through the big tech news of the week.

The Disco Bath

Firefox 64 is now out with many new features.

Google Fit adds new breathing exercise feature.

Today’s Crap For Christmas: Bath Lights Show

Elon Is At It Again…

Make charitable donations from Play Store.

Tesla vehicles will soon be able to drive without any human input!?

Today’s Crap For Christmas: Toilet Football

Siri and Alexa Embrace

Apple ‘endorses’ The Echo and Tumblr and porn may not be compatible anymore (sad face)

Mrs Doubtfire’s Photoshop

Yeah we start with rant about Adobe changing the constrain tool on Photoshop after 300 years and then it kinda all goes downhill from there

The Lost Show

Yeah, I’m sorry. Did a show and had a wail of a time and then forgot to post it. Anyway…its here now