The YouTube On Switch

More AI technology coming for age restrictions on YouTube videos.

Microsoft Edge browser on Linux coming next month.

Interactive podcast polls coming to Spotify.

Amazon says they have nothing to do with the “Prime Bike”

Destroy All Evidence

Paid Chrome extensions are shutting down.

Mobile World Conference delayed again till June 2021.

Remaining Xbox Series X and S stock Microsoft is holding for launch day.

Old TV caused broadband outages for for 18 months!

The Microsoft Piggy Bank

Microsoft is buying ZeniMax Media.

Facebook will let people claim ownership of images soon.

A New emoji to sum up 2020.

The Internet Is Forever

YouTube’s website now blocks iOS 14’s picture-in-picture, unless you pay.

User profiles now added to Nintendo Switch.

The Wayback Machine and Cloudflare have teamed up.

The Second Heartbeat is The Tapeworms

In homage to ‘House’ we suggest the conditions that the Florence Nightingale watch might be able to diagnose and breakdown the outcomes from this week’s keynote

Ride’m Cowboy

Marty Welter joins us to tell us all about Rodeo Photography and share his work.

Comets and all the night sky brings.

The crew with the help of Niel Dodds discuss the night sky objects and how to go about photographing them.

A trip in my baby Aston Martin

The usual suspects join Ewen for a run through the BIG Tech Stories of the week.

Apple Free

Here come two new PS5’s.

GoPro launches new Hero 9 Black.

Amazon Music now has podcasts.

New Roomba’s coming from iRobot.

The future of Photograph

We discuss the impact of new equipment and the covid influence on the way forward for Photography.

Tim Flies!

All the highlights from the September 2020 “Time Flies” Apple Event.

The Extra 5% of SPO2 is an In-App Purchase

We have a great night watching the latest offerings from Apple. The Apple Keynote of September 2020

The Late Jeff Gamet…in a hat!

Jeff sleeps thru his alarm but like a true trooper he still manages to make an appearance…in a hat (thats an in joke as he NEVER wears a hat.

All the Apple News from a stellar panel.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Google event coming September 30th.

YouTube launching format to compete with TikTok.

150 xCloud games will be available when it launches.

Possible signs of life in Venus?

Joining The Party

Oracle will operate TikTok in the US.

Sony announces PS5 event on September 16.

Disney+ is getting a watch party mode.

Apple has issued new App Store rules for game streaming.

Before Facebook, Was Facebook

Two new Xbox’s are coming November 10th.

Facebook announces a new college-only social network.

The ‘Apple One’ services bundle could be coming soon?

NASA wants your Moon rocks.

A Day Of Announcements

Apple’s next big event coming September 15th.

Android 11 has finally arrived.

Microsoft to launch a smaller Surface Laptop?

Game Boy Action Packed Fun

Italy investigating Apple, Google and Dropbox cloud services.

Motorola’s budget G9 Plus phone has leaked.

Here’s a Game Boy that doesn’t need batteries!

The Hawaiian iPhone Fixers

Yeah Apple sets up some cool Privacy ‘Nutrition’ Labels, the iPhone is definitely delayed and only the top phone is getting mmw5G BUT…the story of the week has to be that iMend Macs fix am iPhone from Hawaii that all the locals had given up on. TOP WORK!

Problems Come Tuesday

LG confirms it new phone is called the “Wing”.

The microcode updates for Windows 10 to fix Intel security flaws has arrived.

Karaoke game Twitch Sings will shut down on January 1, 2021.

Get your Lo-Fi groove on with Google’s Magenta’s Player.

How big is your Pornhub Wedge?

It’s the 20th Anniversay of the Nokia 3310, TikTok is up for sale in the USA for between $20 & $30bn ! And ‘anti procrastination glasses’ will check how much time you spend doing what…mostly on your computer.

A Great Panel this week discussing the BIG stories of the Tech World