The Facebook Portal

Coming in 2023, Facebook AR Glasses?!

The Facebook Portal TV has arrived.

Pocket Casts app goes free!

Tinder is making TV shows for its app.


Google will announce Pixel 4 devices on October 15 in NYC.

Did Amazon search push customers toward in-house products?

LastPass had a bug that would have exposed your passwords!

Motorola has TVs now!

Lovely Buggy Updates

Surface Laptop 3 might include 15-inch model?

Microsoft’s update KB4512941 has given rise to quite a few bugs.

No more free games on Discord Nitro subscription service.

The Leakage Continues

iPhone users might get up to $650 toward a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from Microsoft.

More photos and videos leak from the upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

Chrome 77 now send tabs from one device to another super easy.

The HomePod gets radio!

By Innovation Only?

All the best highlights from The September 10, 2019 Apple iPhone Event.

Just Not That Smart

Apple has improved App Store search results.

Spotify now lets you share music directly to Snapchat.

The not so smart Fitbit Versa 2.

Heavy Hands

September 10th Apple event to stream live on YouTube.

Firefox will encrypt web domain name requests by default soon.

Google Assistant might handle calls while you’re on hold on your Pixel 4.

Are ‘bendable’ Switch controllers coming?

By Appointment to The Bishop of Rome

Eminent Insurer Paul McGrory and insurer to his eminence The Pope joins us for another look at the upcoming events and small nip of some new gin…thats lovely!

Credit Cards in Anticipation

The Fold is coming on September 27 in the USA.

“One More Thing…” A new Apple TV?

Firefox blocks third-party trackers by default now in latest version.

No Details

Is the iPhone SE coming back??

Image blocking comes to G-Mail for iPhone.

Roku introduces it’s new Smart Soundbar.

Nikon D6 is coming, but that’s all we know.

Keep Track Of Your Crap

Android 10 coming today?

Facebook might hide like counts.

iPhone 11 shipping September 20th?

Alexa will remind you where you put your stuff.

Free Screen?

Some websites hacked iPhone users silently for years.

YouTube will stop displaying exact follower counts.

Apple will replace some cracked Watch Series 2 and 3 screens for free.

15-second song clips from Spotify come to Facebook Stories today.

Old Man Glenners and How to Taste Beer

David Glenwright from JC Social Media and Camra stops by and shows us how to go about tasting beer properly. One of the best episodes so far. Great Experience

It’s The Mini, Not The Biggie

Apple Event announed for September 10.

PLEX is getting it’s own ad supported video streaming service.

The Galaxy Home Mini has launched.

There is a phone out there for the Blackberry diehards!

Hey Beeb!

Apple released iOS 13.1 beta already?!

iOS 12.4.1 is now out.

Yelp is now getting more personal.

Google Nest now lets you know when your package has been taken.

The BBC is working on its very own AI assistant.

Kentucky Fried Miracle!

Apple shelves ‘walkie talkie’ for iPhone.

Windows users urged to update because of ‘Complete Control’ hack.

Get ready for meatless KFC!

Steve Jobs Spirit is off Campus

Spotify is getting its own TV series?

The Google Go app is now available worldwide.

Apple TV+ will allow videos to be downloaded for offline viewing.

Robots fights get removed from YouTube

Mario vs. Sonic

Gmail will automatically correct your typos soon.

Google Play Store gets a much needed redesign.

Intel’s 10th-gen CPUs for ultraportables will now have up to six cores.

After 30 years Mario is taking on Sonic!

Streaming Curfew

$10.00mo will get you a TV+ subsctiption.

Apple Arcade will cost $4.99 monthly.

Dell has got some new budget gaming PCs coming.

Reddit starts live video streaming.

A Watch or Two

Are new ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models coming soon?

Ikea is going all in with their Home Smart.

Nintendo say NO for trade-in program for new Switch models.

Easing your Wedding Woes

This week, Lauren Kelly from The Bespoke Wedding Company stops by and gives us her take on running the perfect event for your perfect day.