Welcome To The Amazon


All the highlights from yesterdays Amazon hardware event.

Precious HDMI Slots

Fake bank apps found on Google Play store!

YouTube overhauling it’s gaming section.

Angry Birds is coming in AR.

Sony just announced the PlayStation Classic.

“The Drop” Has Dropped

Hackers can gain access to computers in sleep mode!

Get ready for The OnePlus TV.

Pandora’s music playlist ‘The Drop’ is out.

iOS 12 out now!

Power and Internet Are Back On!

Gmail Offline Chrome app goes away December 3rd.

AI song recognition comes to Sound Search.

ISPs can charge studios for hunting pirates in Canada.

The Apple iPhone Keynote – September 2018

Yes we all have access to new phones…if we want them but will the price put you off? Oh and a watch that wont do what it says it will do for a few months in the USA and perhaps never in the rest of the world.

One More Phone…

The September 12th Apple Event

Say goodbye to GMail Inbox app.

No more free dongle from Apple.

Electric Wi-Fi

Mac App Store apps caught stealing user data.

Walmart experimenting with wireless power.

AT&T is launching mobile 5G in five more cities.

AI mashes up existing games to create new ones.

Words Are Not Enough Anymore

Microsoft getting rid of the Surface Kickstand?

Instagram adds emoji shortcuts.

Vizio planning to send customers class action notices through its smart TVs.

Funky Get Down Friday!

Amazon launches upgraded Fire HD 8 tablet.

Logitech’s Crayon iPad stylus is now available for everyone.

YouTube “Dark Mode” finally comes to Android

Fly in Your Craving

Facebook is suing BlackBerry now.

New Firefox blocks third-party trackers on Android.

6.5-inch iPhone X model might be called ‘iPhone XS Max’?

Order food on the golf course via drone.

Everyone’s Online in China

China now has over 801 million internet users!

8K TVs are coming!!!

The final nail for The Playstation 2

Dedicated To Ratkat

Today’s NEWS show is dedicated to Nick Robinson. Rest in Peace @RatKat

Microsoft is redesigning Skype again!

Mozilla to boost Firefox privacy soon.

Apple cracking down on privacy in App Store.

Apple’s self-driving car was in a crash!

Gather Round

Apple Event coming September 12th.

Google to sell security keys for $50

Sennheiser introduces wireless earbuds.

Google Assistant can now understand two languages at the same time.

Erased From Existence

Amazon to have ad-supported streaming service for Fire TVs for free?

Facebook Watch launches globally.

Spotify’s student Premium plan now includes Showtime!

Nintendo shuts down Pokémon Essentials.

The £1500 iPhone

The usual crew discuss the Mac News and Chuck J and Brett Terpstra slide by as well

You know…Richie Cunnigham’s Daughter from Jurassic World

Yes Ewen Drops the Bryce Dallas Howard Bombshell on an unsuspecting panel who didnt know and the Tech Of the weeks creeps in to spoil the banter.

Feeling Extra Guilty

Apple will launch three new iPhones in September.

Apple Music now works with Android Auto.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL to be unvailed on October 9th.

See how much time you spend on YouTube.

Show me your Nerd Number

Yes Microsoft managed to pull of the simply obvious and give us a shopping cart in the store and Betsy Weber drops the mic with a Twitter Number below One Million

Hackey Hack Hack

Yeah sorry for the delay in getting this weeks episode up but work has intervened.A great bunch taking on the Apple News…as always

Nostalgic Itch

Facebook is testing speech recognition.

New budget Android tablets coming from Lenovo.

Windows 95 is now an app!

They Did it Again…

Facebook pulling their data-collecting VPN app from the App Store.

Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE starting at $380!

Get ready for the Microsoft Bundle.

Ford recalling 50,000 car charging cables.