New Nook In Town

Amazon working on an emotion detecting device.

Barnes & Noble announces new NOOK GlowLight Plus e-reader.

Order food without a delivery app through Google.

Apple got tricked into replacing almost 1,500 fake iPhones!

Uber Convenient

Google stored passwords in plain text for over 14 years!!

5G on EE coming May 30 in the UK.

Uber Eats subscription coming soon?

Glass Is Back!

Microsoft and Sony are teaming up!!

Pandora launches it’s new Mac app.

Google Glass is back for business.

It’s A Car Thing

Certain Linksys WiFi routers might be sharing data you don’t want.

Spotify might have “A Thing” for your car.

South Korea says hello to Linux.

One Less App

Say goodbye to Instagram’s standalone app Direct.

Amazon’s Fire 7 tablets more storage and speed.

UK’s Triumph is developing its first electric motorcycle.

Japan is running out of 11-digit phone numbers.

One Strike And Your Out

Facebook has imposed restrictions on live-streaming.

Get ready for Apple Pay in 16 more countries.

Google sending out some Pixel money.

Blame The Robots

Apple has released iOS 12.3 with new Apple TV app.

Covert bitcoins to food with Flexa.

Robots start work at Amazon.

What’s Your Size?

Child and privacy advocacy groups filed a complaint with FTC against Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids.

Facebook adding new digital birthday cards.

A new Nike app will use AR to measure your feet.

Cold Storage

Galaxy Fold launch details coming tomorrow??

Google updates Android Auto.

Cold Storage is coming to Dropbox.

Bye bye coffee cup.

Rubber Ducky You’re The One!

Apple is planning big software updates at WWDC?!

Microsoft announces Fluid Framework

A WiFi network made of rubber ducks!

In The Lines We Wait

UK government accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay now.

A bug stopped Firefox extensions from working.

Microsoft issues acceptable Xbox Live trash talk guidelines.

Apple’s Aperture is Alan Parrish from Jumanji

Andy Ihnatko Joins the team and its a HUGE team of 7 to take you through the whole of the week’s news from Apple

Hello to Auntie Pamela

All the BIG Tech Stories of the week and a new viewer…maybe

Millennial TV

FYI, Aperture won’t run in macOS after Mojave says Apple.

Spotify has more than 100 million premium users now.

Russia to cut itself off from the internet if needed.

Samsung unveils a Vertical TV.

Soap and Sponge

UK government considering baseline security requirements for Internet products.

Netflix launches high-quality audio.

Facebook Messenger is coming to the desktop later this year.

Self-cleaning water bottle!

La Dee Da

Apple to include USB-C charger with next iPhones!?

Wireless Powerbeats Pro earbuds coming May 10th.

Database with sensitive data on over 80 million US households has been exposed!

Gettin’ Out The Sticky Tape

Intel wants to sell its smartphone-modem business soon.

Facebook getting some MySpace features?

United Airlines covering up those webcams.

Washing Dishes In Love

2019 iPhones getting major camera upgrade!?

LG will quit making phones in South Korea.

Alexa customer support line come to Audible.

Bill and Melinda Gates love washing dishes.


Two new AirPods models coming later this year?

Cheaper Nintendo Switch coming in June?

Google Fit now on iOS.

InSight spacecraft detects quake on Mars.

Show Us Your Selfie

Samsung has confirmed it’s postponing the release The Galaxy Fold.

iCloud content now with Amazon Web Services!

Your Amazon Flex account now requires a selfie.

An Extra Layer Of Confront

Samsung has postponed Galaxy Fold’s launch in China.

SiriusXM launches streaming plan.

The UK’s top worst passwords.