Damn, We Got Caught!

Roku offering 30 days of premium video free.

Apple has made a COVID-19 app.

Android to get new Discover feature in Outlook app.

Zoom has remove code that sent device data to Facebook.

Cash Is Not King

PlayStation 4 download speeds are being slowed.

UK usiong WhatsApp to share coronavirus information.

UK researchers develop new low-cost, rapid COVID-19 test.

UK cash usage drops due to COVID-19.

Extreme Ultraviolet Technology!!!!

Google Podcasts app launches on iOS.

Samsung first to produce RAM with extreme ultraviolet tech.

YouTube Music now shows song lyrics.

Some iPad Pro online orders beginning to arrive to customers around the world.

New Chips, Don’t Mean Sh*t

Many Amazon Prime deliveries delayed for a month!

There’s free access to kid-friendly Prime Video content.

Prime Video now has viewer profiles.

Benchmarks show iPad Pro’s A12Z Chip almost identical to A12X.

$39k Lens that needs a table

Yes we look at some new lenses and all the Photo News and take your questions

That well known Star Wars character, Bobecon

We find out that Bob’s Blog is out there masquerading as a little know Star Wars Bounty Hunter and a whole load of other tech news

Who put the bloody Z where the T should be?

BRAND NEW equipment from Apple with some oohs, some ahhs and a couple of groans…mostly at the keyboard price. HOW MUCH!

Continuing Where We Left Off

YouTube and Amazon Prime are reducing streaming quality in Europe now too.

Google launches COVID-19 site.

SoundCloud links up with Twitch for musicians.

Facebook Messenger will soon only let you forward a messages to five people.

Net Neutrality Peeking It’s Head In

Introducing The Nokia 8.3 5G phone.

Yes! Your Alexa device can play radio stations.

Firefox will remove support for the FTP.

Streaming platforms urged to switch to SD for COVID-19 crisis

The Playstation Faucet

New iPad Pro models announced with optional Magic Keyboard.

Apple updates The Mac Mini

More PS5 hardware specifications unvailed.

Slack gets a redesign.

Conferences done better than ever before

Yes Apple spins the demise of WWDC meetup as a designed and enhanced experience and we promise that this is the last week of COVID-19 conversations

Bugs In The Spam

Amazon will prioritize cleaning and medical supplies for shipments.

Call centres in The Philippines for Acer temporarily offline.

PlayGalaxy Link will shut down on March 27th.

Facebook is blocking real news articles about COVID-19.

Enhanced Quarantine

Apple is closing all of its stores outside of China until March 27.

Apple making a 5.5-inch entry-level iPhone too?

EA suspends all live esports events.

Electric scooters closer to being legal on British roads.

Retro Gaming…Yes Please!

We discuss home working in the make of the Covid-19 Virus and then Jeff and Patrice save us with a look at other tech news and the revitalisation of Command & Conquer

Ring My Bell

Google moving UK users’ data to the US?

Amazon announces new Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus.

Get ready for Yahoo Mobile phone service in the US.

Another COVID-19 Tech Update.

Apple is shutting down all of its stores in Italy.

Google asks its North America employees to work from home.

YouTube will now start monetizing coronavirus videos.

Nice, Smooth, Straighten Style

More iOS 14 leaks.

Xbox Series X and xCloud details in live stream next week.

Chromecast Ultra may be an Android TV dongle?

Pay only $499 to get hair straighter!

Apples Got The Parts

AnTuTu apps gone from Google Play.

SXSW 2020 canceled!

Apple will fix iPad Air tablets with blank screens.

GIF or JIF…or Peanut Butter

The endless question of how a Graphics Interchange Format is supposed to be pronounced is settled by a Peanut Butter Manufacturer, A lady refuses to shoot a wedding she was never ask to shoot and The iMendMacs Boys watch their first Photo Show


OK yeah, this one goes on a long time but in our defence Alistair brought 3 stories and we did have a fair bit of ‘Show Spirit’ as well…and Batwench wants to “break Jeff”…Ooer!

iMendMacs…in the house

Yes our wonderful supporters join us for a great Mac Show with Jeff, Patrice, Callum, Mo, Muller and even Joe pops in the chatroom.