Freedom is slavery

Freedom is slavery

The BIG Tech Show returns and Hauwa, Patrice, Jeff & Muller have a rompy through the week’s tech news



Avatar gRant

Always enjoy the shows and I can help you out with a ‘they wouldn’t’.

In 2011 Facebook conducted a study wherein it claimed it swayed voters 17% and defeated a statewide measure in Florida. I was designed to show the power of targeted advertising. Hmm.

The right wing radical press that reported this is The Atlantic

According to The Atlantic, voters cited facebook as the reason they voted the way they did.

It’s facebook’s business model and they don’t care if it’s politics or dog food, it’s all advertising to them.

This is the facebook study. I can’t read it, I don’t do social, but I’m sure they had no shame about it that far back.

Avatar gRant

I’m not sure if Darth Vader was misinterpreted, but one reason France might have been the last to recognise Greenwich meridian, was because the French meridian had been in use since 1634. There were standard time measurements, just based on the French meridian. In the late 1800s the US railway companies (powerful corporations of the time) wanted the Greenwich meridian and “the French clung to the Paris meridian as a rival to Greenwich until 1911 for timekeeping purposes and 1914 for navigation.” The Eiffel Tower was used to broadcast a time signal.
Or maybe take Darth Vader with a grain of salt.

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