Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never
24 Jul 17

A lot of tech sites concentrate on newest, biggest and brightest tech. Here at BTN we realise that our listeners and readers are real people and buy tech when it takes their fancy and it is not necessarily new to the market.

When I’m buying something it may have been out for a while but when I’m looking at reviews they are mainly based on when the item was released. What I thought was a good idea was to review tech that we buy on a regular basis and tech that is also well established so that you, if you are looking at investing in it you get an up to date view and of course that quirky BTN slant.

With that we present ‘Better Late Than Never’ a series of reviews for tech that might have been around for a little while but you may be interested about what others think about it.

For example I recently bought and Xbox One S. Not new, but great tech. My experience of buying and using this device and its games will be the first post under this new category.

We would also like to invite you to submit reviews for the site which you can do using the form below.


Paul Wright


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