BTN Advent Calendar 01/12/17 Pi-hole

BTN Advent Calendar 01/12/17 Pi-hole
1 Dec 17

Well, well, well it’s December which means that we can finally acknowledge the existence of that thing called Christmas. So we thought that we would get into the spirit here at BTN with an advent calendar of cool things that may or may not change your life, and if not, they are just a bit of fun. If you have some suggestions we would love to hear from you.

To start the festive season we go to our own Anders and a great freebie for you, especially if you’re fed up with internet ads.

Pi-hole can take any Linux hardware you have whether it be desktop, laptop or Raspberry Pi and turn it into an ad-blocking master.

The best thing is that there is nothing to install and no client. You just have to run a command line.

There are lots of ways to install it on a number of Linux builds, you can even have it as your DNS, plus there is an API if you’re that way inclined and also a stats page to see how much you’re blocking.

Check out their web site to see how you can make the most of this awesome service.

They work on donations so if you find it useful buy them a coffee.


Paul Wright


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