BTN Advent Calendar 03/12/17 Firefox Quantum

BTN Advent Calendar 03/12/17 Firefox Quantum
3 Dec 17

You remember Firefox right? I sure that most of us do as it was or nerdy saviour in a world where Internet Explorer was emerging and Netscape Navigator was dying. And for a while it was great but like like a fat person it was fed too many burgers and became slow and bloated and we mostly moved over to Chrome and Firefox’s dominant market shared withered.

But now they’re back with an entirely, build from the ground up browser and bloody hell it’s fast.

They have ditched the old Gecko architecture in favour of the new quantum engine and you can really notice the difference.

Web pages load much faster which if you are like me an internet junkie is a huge advantage. The only thing that doesn’t work so well are Google’s apps but I am suspicious that they hobble browsers that aren’t Chrome but for every thing else it is worth giving it a try.

Plus there are a number of privacy and security advantages over their biggest competitor.

You can download the new version now for free.


Paul Wright


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