iMessage Stickers, how to…

iMessage Stickers, how to…
19 Feb 17

A wee while ago, Fantastical added Stickers to iMessage allowing you to customise a message, over and above the fireworks and balloons that’s Apple has available.

I thought, okay, lets give them a try and see what they are like but that was where I hit a minor problem, how to add them to a messages?

I found out how and I’d lIke to share this with you:

1. Click on the message window.
2. Click the Apps icon (the one with the A)
3. Select Manage
4. Slide the Automatically button to the option of your choice
5. Choose which apps to work with
6. Go back to iMessage and type away or, click the button with the four dots on it to allow you to add compatible apps or, go to the App Store where you buy more.

Any time you want to use a sticker, just select the app button to swipe to the one you want and select.

Happy tapping…



James Ormiston


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