BTN Advent Calendar 02/12/17 Memory Purge

BTN Advent Calendar 02/12/17 Memory Purge
2 Dec 17

As part of my work, social and podcasting life I think I can class myself as a power user and I put my Macs through the mill whether it be my iMac at work or home or my Macbook Pro. The thing is I need a lot of things open at the same time and I am loathed to close them even if I’m not using them (Creative Cloud apps being an example) because I never know when I’ll need them next.

Time is precious and I don’t have the inclination to keep closing things down to save memory I need something to do it for me.

That is where Memory Purge comes in. It sits in the Mac OS taskbar constantly analysing your system and automatically recovers RAM from open apps that are not using it.

It doesn’t matter what sort of user you are this is a great free app. There is a pro version for a couple of dollars more but the free option does most of what you would need.

So if you want to get the most of out of your system then this is well worth a try.


Paul Wright


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