Quick Fire Questions with Aftershokz CMO Kim Fassetta

Quick Fire Questions with Aftershokz CMO Kim Fassetta
6 Nov 17

British Tech Network readers and listeners will have heard my review of the excellent Trekz Titanium Headphones from Aftershokz which as a runner I now find invaluable for staying save whilst enjoying podcasts and music on my longer training runs.. This month Aftershokz have launched their newest product, the Trekz Air Headphones.. I got in touch with Kim Fassetta, Aftershokz Chief Marketing Officer to ask a few quick questions about the company and their products..

Hi Kim, thank you for taking the time to answer a few quick fire questions about Aftershokz, lets dive straight in…

CC – Tell me a little bit about AfterShokz and the story behind the product
KF – AfterShokz is a totally unique headphone brand born from the belief that situational awareness is a critically important feature that’s regularly overlooked. The factory behind the brand, Voxtech, is an expert manufacturer of bone conduction products and holds more than 60 patents on the audio and design. Our six-year-old company has offices in both Syracuse, NY, USA and Shenzhen, China and ships to more than 50 countries globally.


CC – What are the benefits on open ear/bone conduction earphones compared to standard earbuds
KF – In short: safety and comfort. More specifically, bone conduction technology delivers sound via the cheekbones, which leaves the ears totally open to hear surrounding sounds. This value is ideal for runners, cyclists, hikers, drivers, commuters and others who want to remain aware of their environment while tuned in to their music and calls. The design ensures nothing goes inside or covers the ears, which eliminates ear fatigue and common discomforts that accompany long-term wear.


CC – Can bone conduction earphones be an accessibility solution for people with ear conditions or loss of hearing?
KF – Yes! Many people with varying levels of hearing loss, even to deafness in some cases, are able to hear by way of bone conduction. Though there is no hard rule about who bone conduction works for, in general if you have a healthy cochlea, you have a good chance of being able to hear bone conducted audio.


CC – Tell me about the AfterShokz product range and the brand new AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones
KF – We have a full line of open ear headphones, ranging from entry level wired models to a couple of wireless models, the newest of which is our most advanced headphone to date: Trekz Air. Trekz Air is the end result of all the advancements we’ve made year after year with regard to audio quality and organic design. It impresses even those of us that have been closest to the project from the onset. I’m repeatedly amazed by their weightless fit.


CC – What’s next for AfterShokz?’’
KF – We’ll always strive to improve upon our headphones’ audio and design features—we’re perfectionists that way. And as a technology company, of course we’re also interested in expanding our product offering into other categories—we’ve talked about speakers and glasses. Whatever we decide to do next, I can assure you that it will be something that betters people’s lives—that’s our thing.


Many Thanks Kim, I’m already a huge fan of the Trekz Titaniums and I’m looking forward to seeing and reviewing the Treks Air headphones for our British Tech readers!


Chris Campion


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