The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On
12 Sep 17

So the lid has been lifted on the future of Apple with the closing of their September keynote. I was going to go into a rant about leaks and rumours and the fact that all of the surprises had already been spoilt for us amidst a mix of journalistic intrusion, but Apple probably need to look at themselves for their origins.

But, even though we pretty much knew what was going to be announced I do have to admit that in spite of this they did put on a pretty good show. Now I’m not going to go in-depth into any analysis of the products as ‘proper’ journalists are going to do that for you and they are at least going to get to play with things.

Even though we’d already felt the pressies under the Christmas tree I was still impressed with what was announced, just because it had that ‘polish’.

The Apple Watch Series 3 was impressive, the closest thing you’ll get to having an iPhone on your wrist without actually having your phone around. I like how they put a red dot on the digital crown to show that you had the latest version but my wife says she has some red dot stickers at work I can stick on my old one. Actually the wife was interested in the whole concept of the stand alone one.

Apple TV 4K. Don’t care, don’t have a 4K TV but agree that Apple needed to release one to bring them up to par with their (cheaper) competition. But one thing that did impress me was the fact that you could upgrade your HD movies to the higher standard for no extra cost. I knew they were negotiating but didn’t see that one coming.

Then, the phones, the one thing I was waiting for, especially considering my current phone is 3 generations old.

iPhone 8. Didn’t see that one coming eh? We were always going to get what was essentially the 7S but it still looks pretty nice. The glass back reminiscing the 4 and 4S which I did love is kind of a pull and the wireless charing is nice, but if you’re a serious iPhone fan then the main course was on the way.

No surprise again which is the biggest shame of the night, because we knew all about the iPhone X. I’ve seen the renders on the net (which I should have avoided) but Apple’s presentation made it look like something I could really live with.

However, I won’t. I’m not willing to wait for the October pre-orders and the November deliveries. Then there is the price tag $999 in the US so gawd knows what in the UK. It looks lovely, and I kind of get it but I don’t think that after 3 years on a 6 that I’m gonna put myself through the pain of paying and waiting for the X.

I am sure that those who have patience and some disposable income and do the the math will go X but I think it will be and 8 Plus for me and that would make me happy while everyone else works the future, I don’t do V1.


Paul Wright



I didn’t really get the X until I saw the BBC photo of it between the 8 and 8 Plus. It’s barely any bigger than the 4.7″ model, despite the 5.8″ screen (I know that the shape isn’t ideal)

Once I had seen that, I started wanting one. The 56mm equivalent X camera is also slightly better than that of the 8 plus, which has the IOS that would be so great on my 7 plus.

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