Getting Started

Getting Started

This is the first show in a series that will last as long as people are listening. In this episode, Ewen dispels the Guru myth, both in statement and practice and The Pauls go through the components they are going to build this week.

This is a suggested list and if you have a dig around, some of the parts will come cheaper. It also contains no telemetry or GPS additional equipment, but you can easily add that later. All the ports to receive it are on the board listed.


Next week the guys get building and the week after, we do the basics of the APM board and Darren Griffin joins us for programming.



Avatar Clive

I can’t get this podcast to play in Downcast or another player. Is there a problem?



Its not registered with iTunes as yet

Avatar Gareth Pemberton

Hi all, excellent show as I’m need to the subject. Just one thing the motor listed in the items needed to build the quadcopter is no longer available so could you list alternative one.

Looking forward to the next show, keep the excellent shows coming,

Oh yes the Mac show is bloody great with British spin on things that makes sense and proper piss taking that our cousin’s across the pond don’t get

Hey Gareth, your looking for anything with a similar KV rating. Higher KV turns faster per volt so you reduce flight time. Lower KV allows for bigger props and more lift/V – The frame only has enough room for 15″ props as a maximum tho I think

Hi all. Thanks for the help in my last question. When is the next show??
Thanks Gareth, excellent show and the Mac show.

Hi Gareth. We are working on it. Ewen

Avatar Phil

When is the next show????

Avatar Phil

Had some issues finding a decent 530kv motor for a similar price to the out of stock unmanned tech ones. In the end I went for the Turnigy ones on Hobby King. They were £12+ each so dearer than the original link I think. Has anyone found any better?

Avatar Mark Sayers

Any chance you can update the links for the parts list and or update some of the components as some of those items seem to be now difficult to find.

Any more shows planned?



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