Andy Ihnatko & The Four Macateers

Andy Ihnatko & The Four Macateers

Andy Ihnatko joins the team for his monthly appearance on the Network (and as usual perhaps regrets it afterwards)

We talk The Thunderbolt runaround, the MacDefender Malware and lots more…not all Apple of course



Avatar Simon

So, what is the free Mac antivirus software that you guys refer to in the show? Thanks in advance…

Hi Simon. The Anti-Virus is from Sophos and its Free. They have no desire to get into the domestic market so its unlikely to ever be charged. Use the Sophos Logo on the homepage of to access the download page

Avatar Brian

On your recommendation I have downloaded Sophos. It is good but does had to do some research with regards to removing Malware manually. This could have been made clearer in the help menu. Love the show as you provide an honest debate about the best hardware/software combo in the world.
Just for the record I don’t believe Will that the thunderbolt technology is a dead duck! Remember that their were critics about this sort of tablet device that Apple launched a year ago!

Hi Brian. I have spoken to Graham Cluley at Sophos and he has given me the response below.

“We plan to slick up the product to make that easier. Meantime, our support community at is the place :)”

I think you have to remember that single domestic users are not the target consumer for Sophos, they are squarely a business oriented company and they have provided the AV system for Mac out of an altruistic nature to a certain degree. They are trying to improve it however


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