Bomber McAllister

Bomber McAllister

We make the choice of Macbook Air vs Hackintosh and where the sales are coming from. Is spaces on the iPad and evolution or an extinction? Why do Apple want 12,000 1Tb Drives? And finally why is FaceTime taking pictures of you at random?

Don McAllister, Ewen Rankin, Andrew Stephens & Kyle Swager discuss the weeks’ Apple News…Yep Promise, its in their somewhere




Avatar Oliver

Spaces is awesome for Mac because with Multitouch (bettertouchtool App) you can do more right now then you ll do in Lion! I use this tool for Exposé as well and for searching (Alfred app) and for new taps as well as fullscreen (glims, add on) in Safari. Yeah also for volume up and down. All the feature get better with multitouch! Cheers!

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