Breakfast at Ihnatko’s

Breakfast at Ihnatko’s

This week, the Apple News is a lot more about the competition that Apple.

WWDC Sells out and most of the Pacific Rim slept through the entire opening and closing, Amazon Launch a service which may be something pretty cool and may likely test Apple’s ‘approval’ process for apps and just how monopolistic they really are…The World is Watching

And finally with Andy Ihnatko joining the group, perhaps the 3 of the 5 biggest Mac Broadcasters on the planet weigh in with opinions.

Enjoy and have a great weekend



Avatar Jason

No mention on a UK based show that Amazon Cloud Player is limited to the US only (yes, there are work arounds, but then you’re outside Amazon’s music licensing).

I wonder if Apple’s effort will sort out a solution which covers all the countries they are already in.

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