iPhone Xs Max Unboxing…twice!

iPhone Xs Max Unboxing…twice!

Sorry for the delay, in all the excitement of my new phone I forgot there was a show to post. Sorry for the slight hiatus but both shows are back on Friday night this week as normal



Avatar Mike.. Aka kojack asda driver..

Hi guys brilliant show, I’m a long time listener to you while delivering just after midnight in the uk ans did use to watch on the video format before I sold the Apple TV, even though I could mirror my iPhone to my tv fire via an AirPlay app it’s not the same I really do miss the dam box.

I mainly bought the Apple TV4 because of the rumours on podcasts that it was going to have a movie streaming service like Netflix and amazon but found it when poo..

apple even drop either ITV or BBC and was shocked to find that Apple was changing for the free tv programs that was on the demand channels, so I switched to amazon but now with hearing about the new upgraded tv4 that now will link you to itv hub & bbc iPlayer im thinking of buying one again

do you recon apples will have a monthly subscription this year in the uk..

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