Just how DO you milk an oat?

Just how DO you milk an oat?

Chuck Joiner poses the greatest question of the 21st Century right at the start of the show and then we try and make the Mac News last an hour.



Avatar gRANT

Apple exposed Facebook’s business practices (do you want to be tracked?), Facebook exposed Apple’s business practices (30% cut). Doesn’t make sense, but that’s what’s happening.

What’s lost in the Apple’s 30% cut analysis, is that at the time App Store was introduced, app prices were ‘reasonable’ and Apple was covering costs with the 30%. Since then, there’s been a race to the bottom for app prices, most especially for small developers and 30% is looking unreasonable.

At the same time, Apple’s profit from App Store has skyrocketed, in part, because big developers are cleaning up on In-App purchases. If anything, small developers should pay 1% (especially if they’ve been driven down to selling for 99¢), and big developers, can afford to pay 30% because of the big profits Apple are bringing them. Standard business practice is to give big customers a discount, and Fortnight believes it should get a deal like Amazon or Netflix – but morally, smaller developers should be paying almost nothing and those that can afford to pay, pay more.

Where have you seen that in any of the discussion?

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