Thar Be Ghosts!

Thar Be Ghosts!

Quite possibly the most random broadcast the network has ever performed…but equally one of the most enjoyable.

Don McAllister, Kyle Swager, Will Green, Andrew Stevens and Ewen Rankin talk the week in Apple and because there wasn’t much a whole lot more and some FANTASTIC iThingy’s at the end

Special Thanks to Dave Dean of the ‘I Confess I’m a Geek



Great show, and despite not believing in anything supernatural I downloaded M2! Perhaps a future episode of Dad & The Dude could be on the subject of ghosts.

Avatar Charlie Watson

Great show guys! Thanks for recommending “Ghost Hunter M2”, I found it very entertaining!

Avatar MacMonster

You guys are a riot! Ghost Hunter M2 is a good find!

Avatar Verano

Greate show guys! Thanks for recommending “Ghost Hunter M2”, its very entertaining!

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