Avid Studio

Avid Studio

MP Select committee attacks the Government line on scare tactics for tech rather than education. Police probing email hacking by The Times. Facebook has an IPO for $5Bn. Zuckerberg denies that Facebook is about girls. France hit Google with fine for Free Maps? Sony loses $2.9Bn because of TVs and ousts Howard. Kenko Tokina gives out 400mm Lens for Micro 4/3. ‘The Daily’ has 100,000 subscribers in a year. Avid Studio for iPad is awesome and £2.99. Next iOS will have competitive Fitness Apps. OS X 10.7.3 leave a few upset. Dropbox gives you 4.5GB of space extra and free if you ‘Trial’ the Photo Service. Xapper is the iOS peripheral you have been waiting for

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