Big Lens Small Camera

Big Lens Small Camera

There ain’t much news this week so an awful lot comes in for some stick. Big lenses on cameras that aren’t built for them, BJP Prizes for photos which are awful and presenters with shaky Skype Lines.

All the week’s photography news with Chris Foresman, Alex Fox, Ewen Rankin and Host Kyle Swager. YOUR questions answered too, so if you have a question then please send it to



Was listening again to the show since I was updating my iphone during the show and had to catch up on the stuff I missed. With the Aperture to other website question… I would say he should save the photo out of Aperture to a folder on his Mac, close Aperture, then open it in Preview. This would be a good check to see if Aperture is the problem. If the photo still looks bad he’s got some issue with Aperture. If the photo looks okay in Preview then he should upload that photo to the website and check it out.

If it looks okay… Karl would likely be right and he’s uploading his original instead of the final photo (although using Aperture I have never had that happen to me, but I don’t know what other people do) OR he has some sort of problem with his color space on his own machine.

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