The King’s New Leica

The King’s New Leica

This week, Leica offer up The Vario X which I’m sure is a nice camera but its not $2800 of nice when Panasonic offer up the GH6 at $699.

Jessops Stores continue to reappear with ones in Ipswich and Harrogate reopening and the staff all wearing Peter Jones’ Socks. But the Liverpool Jessops goes to Wilkinson Cameras instead who still have their eye on bigger and better things…Look out Manchester!

Professional Photographer Ewen Rankin takes you through all the weeks Photo & Video news and answers YOUR questions as well.

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Avatar Kate Thomas

I’ve just found your Network and really enjoyed the plain, straightforward, wonderfully British no crap approach to camera stuff. How refreshing after the rather anodyne stuff the Yanks produce! Keep up the great work 8))

Thank you Kate


Avatar Suman

While you are right about “Leica X Vario” not being a pro camera, you have made a gross generalisation when you said – “No one use Leica for professional shooting”.

The Leica M system, with the M lenses is superior to any CanoNikon.

Your comments mean – Man Ray, Leni Riefenstahl, Margaret Bourke-White, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus – none of them were ‘professional’ photographers?

Please do your research before misinforming general public:

Hmm yes…which is why all Leica publicity shots are taken on Canon/Nikon pro end cameras. The Leica X Vario is most certainly NOT the choice of day to day pros. I’m as disinterested in ‘Celebrity’ Photographers as I am ‘Celebrity’ Chefs. Give me someone who fights the fight on a day to day basis in the worst of possible circumstances and still delivers a great shot and I’ll listen. Most jobbing pros DONT use Leica for that job. Its over-priced, over-rated and 90% of the friends who have bought a Leica (against my advice) have sold it saying “Nice, but not worth the money”


Avatar Drew

You make an interesting point, I myself am a fan of commercial photographers Zack Arias and Chase Jarvis. Zack used to shoot Nikon before moving to Canon and Chase shoots predominantly Nikon with the occasional touch of Hasselblad.

By no means a representative sample but your comment about “jobbing pro’s” certainly struck a chord.

Good article!

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