A flange of parents

A flange of parents

This week Paul is joined by Chris Ashley, Steve Sande & Chris Woods to discuss all things that go in your pocket including Microsoft stoping making android phones, IBM & Apple team up on iOS for business and Google removes ‘FREE’ label from apps with in-app purchase

Host: Paul Wheatley

Panel: Chris Ashley, Steve Sande, Chris Woods

Chris Ashley: Pocket Hose £23.99
Steve Sande: JUNOJUMPR (Blue) – Most Portable Jump Starter $99.99
Chris Woods: RAVPower® Luster 6000mAh External Battery Pack £14.99
Paul: Pebble Smartwatch £125.00



Avatar Serenak

Is an App with IAP Free? Thorny problem!

I agree that it is abuse that has led us to the mess we are in. But – as pointed out there are a lot of Apps that are genuinely free (and yet still fully functional) that use the IAP properly to allow the additions of “extras” or the removal of Ads. The new Overcast is one, I have a simple Diary (called Diary!) that has an IAP of 99p that removes the already discreet ads and removes a few limitations that most people probably would never notice and that is it… I tried out an iPhone scanning app – it works but some functions are turned off (such as direct access to cloud accounts like Dropbox – though Open With will still send the scan to a cloud account if you have an app for it on the phone) unless you pay them £2.

Unfortunately there are also Apps that basically don’t work without some IAPs – and that is a scam… and also annoying is a list of IAPs that add up to more than you would have paid for a full app in the first place.

Is Candy Crush free as notorious as it is? Actually it is – if you want you can play without spending, my wife is on level 175 or some such nonsense and has never spent a penny – so to me the game IS free. As is my Diary app, and the JotNot Scanner (oh and my favourite iOS/Android game Hillclimb Racer) all of which contain IAPs

I understand everyone’s frustration with IAPs – just saying that used responsibly they are fine and they are not inherently evil in and of themselves. Unfortunately (as my teacher, and probably yours, always said) “There are always a few bad lads who go and spoil it all for everyone else”


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