Chew on a shoe!

Chew on a shoe!

This week Paul is joined by Allison Sheridan & Alan Howshall to discuss all things that go in your pocket including , and

Host: Paul Wheatley

Panel: Allison Sheridan, Alan Howshall

Allison Sheridan: Cloak $2.99
Alan Howshall: PhotoMath £FREE
Alan Howshall: Halo: Spartan Asslt. £3.49
Paul: Retry £FREE



Avatar Frank Curtis

Hi Paul,
On the subject of recharging wearables. You have recently experienced flying between UK and USA. Most flight to the UK depart in the evening arriving the next morning in Britain. That means a whole day awake, a night flight and then another day awake with little chance to do a recharge. 2 days charge is a minimum. On a normal day you can still recharge every day.

Avatar Frank Curtis

Photo Organization.
You mention your frustration with iPhoto and Aperture. I have the same problem. I like to store my photos in folders, I dislike the catalog system.
For some time I have been using ACDSee for Mac because it used my folder system. Unfortunately ACDSee have not kept their App up to date with the new OSs so I have searched for an alternate. I now have installed an app called Lyn. It has all the features I require and it is fast.

PaulW PaulW

Hi Frank, i will check out Lyn, thanks.

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