It Tells You The Time

It Tells You The Time

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Avatar Avro

Really trying to pretend that Windows Phone is on the up beggars belief. Sales are down, marketshare is down and it’s losing money hand over fist. It rides on the coattails of Nokia in Europe, but even here both marketshare and sales are tailing off.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice phone, but Windows Phone is spiralling into irrelevancy.

iPhones continue to sell hand over fist even as another one (or two) is about to be introduced.

iPhone is down year on year. The article I referenced was suggesting that it is no longer THE smartphone for all others as a yardstick and that as such it is not the ‘bar setter’ that all other smartphones should follow and all journalists should revere. I happen to agree with that.

Avatar Avro

Actually iPhone sales are up and up considerably year on year. The funny thing about marketshare is you can’t do anything with it. It won’t even buy you a cup of coffee. The iPhone takes about 87% of profits in the Smartphone business and the rest goes to Samsung. Emerging markets are being flooded with cheap Android handsets. These are not competition for iPhone. Which? magazine still rates the iPhone 5S as the top SmartPhone out there and that is a year old this month.

Be prepared for Shock and Awe on 9 September. Apple is going to wipe the floor with the competition.

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