1 Minute Reviews: Elobeth Apple Watch Strap

1 Minute Reviews: Elobeth Apple Watch Strap
29 Apr 18

I was looking for a new Apple Watch strap this weekend after seeing a friends official Nike strap in the pub the other day. Now with the weather hopefully going to improve after the next week of crap rain and cold, I thought it would be good to have a strap that would breath a bit better.

Those holes on the Nike strap are a good idea especially as us guys get so sweaty but I wasn’t willing to spend the money demanded by the official brands. So I went for the Elobeth sports strap on Amazon at a whopping £6.95. I ordered yesterday and it arrived today (Prime of course) and I’m pretty impressed with it.

It looks as feels exactly like the official incarnation. I got it in red and black, which my wife says looks very Deadpool. I’m impressed with the quality and the feel and hopefully I won’t suffer from sweaty, smelly wrists this summer.

I do have to salute Apple for having a strap format that allows smaller manufacturers to produce low cost and quality kit. Or maybe that is just a fluke. But check this one out. I approve it.


Paul Wright


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