1 Minute Reviews Google Tasks

1 Minute Reviews Google Tasks
1 May 18

Google seem to be releasing a lot ahead of I/O. One of those things is Google Tasks. Now I’m a bit obsessed with to do apps so I thought that I’d give it a spin.

First up it’s pretty much like all to do apps. You tell it what you want to be reminded about and that’s about it. You’d think that with Google’s AI might it might be a bit clever. But you can only set a date but not a time along with title and description which I thought would be the point of such a service.

As well as creating new events you can create sub-events and you can tick them off as you master you schedule.

I know that Google is introducing a new version of Gmail as well as others in the G Suite but this just seems like a wasted opportunity. Sure, it plugs into you Google calendar etc. but the lack of granularity makes it a bit of a damp squib.

I still think that Clear is still the best to do app out there even though it’s been around forever and you do have to pay for it.

Tasks looks nice if that’s any kind of merit. Maybe I’m missing something. Is this something you would use and if not what sorts of to do apps would you recommend.


Paul Wright


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