2 Quid AirPods

2 Quid AirPods
16 Jan 20

Apple is all about wireless technology. We get it! So much so they had the ‘courage’ to remove the headphone jack with the launch of the iPhone 7. They did address this though, first with the funny little Lightning dongle to standard headphone connection but to increase their margins the announcement of the AirPods.

I’ve always been interested in the AirPods but due to price and the shape of my ears (with previous failings with all Apple headphones) I didn’t think that the outlay was worth it. To be honest I’m more of an over-ear kinda guy and as I use headphones constantly,  I have always been a fan of Bluetooth cans, even before Apple removed the port but wondered what the AirPod life would be like but without the wad of cash demanded to obtain them.

Now, I have a confession to make. I haven’t told my wife, daughter or my family and I am currently in counselling for it. But I started using Wish.com. I know, I know, I have a problem but bear with me.

In the past couple of months I have purchased some crap. But it’s cheap crap and as long as you’re content with the 8 week wait for delivery you can find some gems (ask me about my Nick Cage pillow).

Anyway, on an evening that surprisingly involved zero alcohol I looked at the options for knock-off AirPods and I was well rewarded.

So, I have something that looks like AirPods, work like AirPods and look and now look like life a low-fie AirPod hipster and they only cost me 2 quid.

Now don’t get me started about companies and their margins. But I’m happy that there are people plagiarising well-known products so that chumps like me will wait 2 months to see if they are decent.

Now don’t get me wrong. This purchase was a literal triumph. What I received is something that ticked all of my boxes but at the same time surprised me.

Well, they are headphones. They look uncannily like the real thing. Now you’d think that is where the similarity would stop but it doesn’t, and then some.

Appearance and quality-wise I can’t tell any difference. Now, I’ve seen the AirPods in the Apple Store and those of those who own the official versions, but to the naked eye you would never know the difference for my 2 quid investment!

Look is one thing, but how about functionality. This is gonna be a s*** show right? Wrong! Not only do they work they even show up on my iPhone 11 as AirPods, so you even get the connect pane on your homescreen and they connect the sec you remove them from their charging case. Yes, it comes with the dental floss charger. TBO, it’s not as elegant as what Apple pushes out but it works, but I think it’s better. Now, someone may correct me on this but when I charge the 2 quid AirPods the case shines blue and if the pods are undercharged the case lights up as red which is actually a decent indicator. 

Obviously, as not an official Apple product the charging port is not Lightning, it’s micro USB, but who doesn’t have those lying around? Although they do come with their own charging cable.

Audio quality. Now sound is an issue. I don’t know how good official AirPods sound, so music isn’t amazing but for things such as Podcasts (which I spend the most time listening to) sound is pretty decent. I cannot lie.

And now to the extras. You need to tell me if I’m right or wrong. On removing the 2 quid AirPods from their charging case not only do they connect automatically but you even receive an auto alert that they are connected. You also get audible messages if they are powered off and on.

They also power and operate separately much like their big brothers so that’s a bonus. Yo be fair I think that the battery life is a little lacking but the included charging case solves a lot of those woes when on the go.

In conclusion, I paid 2 quid for these things. If I’d paid more maybe I’d have some sort of criticism. But 2 quid, and I can look down with the kids and it’s a great backup to my everyday phones (especially at bedtime).

It does make you wonder how much ‘decent’ tech actually costs.


Paul Wright


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