2 Quid Wireless Charger

2 Quid Wireless Charger
23 Aug 20

I’ve been rocking the iPhone 11 for a little while now but always relied on lightning cables to charge it and never took advantage of its wireless charging capabilities. 

Now I didn’t want to shell out big time on one so I went to the only place to buy cheap tat, Wish.com.

After much searching I settled on the Fantasy ‘Wireless & Limitless’ charger. But here’s the thing. It only cost me £1.95. Fair enough shipping was a fiver, but that’s just because I went for express delivery which was about a week. But think about it, a wireless charger where the delivery cost is actually 2.5 times more in cost than the thing you bought.

So, I know what you’re asking, or maybe not. Does it work. Hell yeah it does. It’s not a fast charging model but does the job. I just set my phone down on it on my desk which is what I’d do anyway but I get instant charge. And it’s not like you have to get the position exactly to get a connection, generally 9 times out of 10 I hit it first time. And it lights up to show you it’s getting power.

It comes with the world’s shorted micro USB cable, but not to worry, I have a bucket of longer ones. 

When it arrived the box was a little beat up but the charger itself was fine. So go figure. You can make your life a little easier for a couple of quid and best thing of all it hasn’t caught fire once. Wish, I love the crap you sell!


Paul Wright


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