Bit City

Bit City
19 Mar 17

Remember Tiny Tower? And even more Tiny Death Star? Well the guys and gals at NimbleBit are back with a game I think you’ll like.

It’s so secret that I love management games like SimCity and the like but sometimes it was a bit too much to take in as you always had to keep on top of what you were doing on and if you didn’t it was a detrimental experience.

Bit City takes the best of this genre and takes the joy of Tiny Tower to create a city management game that takes the edge off.

The premise is simple. You move up through a series of city of layouts when you can add residential, business and service zones. There are a set of tasks generally around building a population of a certain size but there is a lot more to it than that. As you build your city you can raise property taxes, traffic and parking fees to meet your goals. You can also upgrade your facilities to varying levels to generate more income. Like I say it’s not an invasive game and you can revisit it whenever you like which makes it a joy to click and play when you have a few spare minutes. You can also upgrade your city’s bank to hold more funds and invest in new vehicles from which you can collect funds from.

The main currency of the game is that of sharing. You can play with other members of your Game Centre and there is even a facility to take shots of your progress and distribute it with friends.

Obviously there is the shadow of in-app purchases but this is one of the kindest implementations I’ve seen. You can watch ads for fast forwarding capabilities or to double your income. The are also bucks to collect which mean that you can develop specialised buildings but these can be collected strategically in gameplay which mean that you never ever have to press that purchase button.

I think that this is an experimental release for things to come but they have the right idea. This is a joy to play and well recommended.


Paul Wright


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